Saturday, October 30, 2004


Electoral College Manipulation

Whether you are a Republican or Democrat this should make you eat Tums.

If you want to play with electoral college votes, then click here.

So what happens if Bush and Kerry TIE? The House picks the president (probably Bush), and the NEW Senate picks?????? And I really do not know what happens if there is a tie since the NEW senate is supposed to vote and the old VP who is the constitutional leader of the old senate who would normally vote a tie situation...????????


How Can You Vote for this Guy?

Kerry's man on the new tape.

All of Kerry's lies are seared - seared - in my brain.

And "thats the way it is according to Walter Cronkite.


Dumbest Football Statement Ever!

Although I generally have enjoyed going to UCLA football games in section 19 off and on over the last few years because I like football (and a buddy used to coach there), one of the drawbacks has always been Michael Moore's younger brother (well, he looks like him and shares his politics) at the end of the row.

This IDIOT is barely cognizant of the rules and strategies of football. I remember one day a few years back when Oregon State was running the triple option offense, and he was trying to explain that it was the wishbone exclusively to his young son.

But he topped himself today: "How can it be pass interference when we intercepted the ball?"

There is a staunch UCLA family of four to the left of us who moved a few years back from in front of MM JR because they could not take his foul mouth and stupidity anymore. Even the dad spouted off today and bellowed that they had moved because of him.

He keeps yelling...

As does Michael Moore.


Glendale, CA: Where the 1st Amendment is Dying

Here is the text of the letter sent by the apparently anti-Bush government workers in the City of Glendale who are trying to stifle my First Amendement rights even though the city council has recently said that the law in question (but not the one cited by the city in its attack on me) was not to be enforced:

October 30, 2004

Mr. Sam Engel
Neighborhood Services Administrator
Mr. Gevorg Grigoryan
Neighborhood Services Field Represenative
Dept. of Community Development and Housing
VIA FACSIMILE: 818-240-7239

Dear Sirs:

{As there were minor errors in the letter sent to you via facsimile at 8:38 p.m., I thought it best to resend this corrected document.}

I received your letter in the United States Mail today, October 30, in reference to case # 04-0012084. I received and read the letter at approximately 4:30 p.m., which means, according to the requirements specifically cited in your letter, that I have until 4:30 p.m. on November 2 to comply with your request. Please rest assured that I will comply with your request even though it is an illegal one as the political sign in question will be removed on October 31 since I do not want it damaged by Halloween vandals, and my schedule will not permit me to re-install it prior to the election.

Your request is illegal for at least three reasons: 1) it is in violation of the United States Constitution, specifically amendments one, nine and 14 (in addition, it would appear that your request is also in conflict with the constitution of the state of California); 2) in the recent special municipal election, the City of Glendale was threatened with a lawsuit by the A.C.L.U. on behalf of a property owner in Glendale who allegedly was in violation of the City’s constitutionally hostile ordinance that wrongly targeted political campaign signs. The city council announced that it would not enforce the code due to First Amendment issues; 3) the fatal flaw in your alleged violation is that the Code Section you supply [GMC30.33.210(b)(1)] is not applicable based on the facts as described below:

A) Here is the text of the alleged violation and remedy from your letter: “Political campaign sign in excess of 6 sq (sic) feet and above 4 feet above the ground in a residential zone, “ and, “Reduce sign size/height or remove sign.” Further you cite specifically the aforementioned Glendale Municipal Code: “For each ground floor occupancy of a building, one illuminated window sign shall be permitted in each window to a maximum of two which directly faces a dedicated street, dedicated alley, mall or parking lot area. This section shall not permit illuminated advertising signs for alcoholic beverages at service stations which are prohibited by state law. A maximum of two illuminated window signs shall be permitted per establishment. A neon border being placed around the perime (sic and unfinished).

The section of the code is nonsensical and unconstitutional as applied to a private residence displaying protected political speech. Even if the speech were not protected, the section of the code is nonsensical as it applies to illuminated window signs and appears to be directed at commercial establishments.

Your letter is riddled with other legal and logical errors, but my rebuttal above should suffice as a logical, legal, and coherent answer to your fallacious charge.

Please note that since the property in question is not in any way in violation of the municipal code cited, no representative of the property will call you as wrongfully “required” by your letter. In fact, I demand that you issue a letter of apology to me and the trust which owns this property immediately for what can only be described as a deliberate attempt to stifle free speech in a city that, according to your letter, “is a great place to live.” I was born and raised in this city. Actions of harassment perpetrated by its government do not make it a great place to live.

Very truly yours,

Salutations and all the rest were inserted here. A copy was forwarded to my attorney. A copy will be forwarded to the ACLU. As much as the ACLU usually annoys me, they are correct on this issue EVEN THOUGH they would not support my sisters right to post a SMALL yard sign in Nevada... could it be that they did not do it since she was a Republican in a contested state? One has to be careful when one dances with the devil.


Rush to Football!

Quick one today as I am off to see Stanford invade the Rose Bowl. Will UCLA prevent another mid-season swoon?

Quick Thoughts:

1) Kerry keeps condemning Bush for rushing to judgement when all the facts are not apparently available. Kerry offers himself as a deep thinker who will be deliberate in his decision making. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO how come he has rushed to judgement about the possibility that less than 1% of the total munitions found to date MIGHT be missing? And what about his sources? Not his beloved U.N.; not the C.I.A that he tried to gut; but the New York Times!

2) Polls of the military (those who the Democrats are not trying to disenfranchise through legal shennanigans) show that somewhere between 67-80% back a Bush-Cheney re-election. I am tired of people saying that they back our troops, but easily dismiss their first hand knowledge of what is needed in a commander-in-chief.

3) Cold and rain in Eastern Washington frightens me. Hold on to the ball, boys!

Thursday, October 28, 2004



"I am an American." That's the way most of us put it, just matter of factly. They are plain words, those four: you could write them on your thumbnail, or sweep them across this bright autumn sky. But remember too, that they are more than just words. They are a way of life. So whenever you speak them, speak them firmly, speak them proudly, speak them gratefully. "I am an American."

I pray that all Americans will join with the Purdue Marching Band this weekend and repeat these simple words to let those who HATE America and who are trying to influence our elections know that we will not bow to you.

If the first paragraph, as simple as it is, is something that you cannot abide by, then vote for Kerry and the Al-queda terrorists who support him.

AND if you are worried about the ammo dump... STOP worrying!


Help! Help! I'm being Repressed!

Finally, I have seen the light! Iraq is a mess. We are doing no good there. All the news is bad. Repression, suppression and oppression: oh the speech Jesse Jackson could give!

In fact, it would appear that we are sowing seeds of despotism and occupation. The evil burning Bush is now forcing the Iraqis to sow these seeds of suppression themselves. What evil mind would force Iraqi's to suppress their own hunger?

But wait! More evil atrocities are raining down on the poor children of Iraq. U.S. soldiers are storming into school yards, and... oh.. the horror is just too much to face! What about the children? WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?!

And, as Kerry-Edwards have pointed out, we have had no success in training locals to police and run their own country. It's anarchy!

Oh well, Dennis, at least there is some lovely filth down here, here, and here!

edited at 2:45 p.m.


Prayers from Planet Earth

Massachusetts: I wonder how many democrats in Massachusetts prayed that if only the Red Sox would finally win the World Series, it would be okay if Kerry were to lose next Tuesday?

I wonder how many members of the Kerry campaign have been praying the exact opposite?

Maybe the curse of the Bambino has shifted from the playing field to Kerry's political field. Afterall, it now appears that the Pentagon has surveillance photos indicating that the "missing" explosives were moved prior to the arrival of our troops, and that according to the Washington Times the Russians may have been helping their old middle east allies in the removal of those weapons. I wonder how many bananas or barrels of oil the Iraqis paid to the Russians for their help?

For those of you who still think Andrew Sullivan is an a rational and intelligent commentator, James Lileks did a wonderful job lambasting the former's endorsement of Kerry (it begins after Lilek's staff meeting comments). I think we need to pray that Sullivan returns to the correct path for his own sake.

How many terrorists will leave Iraq to wage a holy civil war in Palestine once the thug has died? I am willing to bet that some strange prayers are being sent towards the Almighty right now.

As for the atrocious Proposition 71 in California, Mel Gibson actually made an articulate case against it in his appearance on Good Morning America. A portion of it can be seen here. Given his status with the Catholic Church, I tend to avoid him, but one has to give credit where credit is due. Even if one puts ethics aside, this is an absolute waste of money. Pray that it does not pass and that Schwarsenegger has the moral courage to correct himself before the election.

Of course there is no praying going on at The Onion which is already working on the recount story.

Edited at 10:00 a.m.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Summit me this, summit me that

John Kerry is right! Diplomacy and talking always works. It never provides the potential enemy with more time to pursue their evil (which is a relative term so don't be so culturally insensitive) deeds.

See: it works so well with Iran!

Sheesh! Tony Blair must be in an "I told you so" frame of mind. Of course the skeptics will claim that the real reason that the Iranians are walking away again is that the United States has been just so mean to them lately, and that everything will be okay if the great talker is elected to replace President Bush next week. Well, if that happens, maybe he can tear a page from Regan's playbook (since Kerry seems to speak so fondly of him these days) and bring the Iranians a tasty cake and a Bible.


"I supported the military before I opposed them."

As he hammers away about his four months in Viet Nam as proof that he is capable of being the commander-in-chief of the United States of America, and that it is also proof that he understands and is for the American military men and women of this country, Sen. Kerry has lept on the out-of-control NY Times bandwagon in regards to missing ammo in Iraq. He is willing to trust the reporters of the leftist Times and not the actual soldiers on the ground.

Both he and the Times are flat out wrong, and the Belmont Club does an excellent job of proving that.

Another one of those "bribed" countries that is so meaningless in the world and in the fake coalition, Japan, has decided to remain steadfast against terrorism.

And as election day draws near, Senator Kerry has secured the crucial terrorist endorsement. That will certainly help the GOTV campaign for the Kerry campaign unless voters view "Whatever it Takes," "The Choice," and "Wolves" on television or at the Bush-Cheney website.

Added at 11:20 a.m.: When one of my sisters, who lives in Nevada, was in town the other day, she informed me that some of the Democrats seemed to be stampeding to the Bush side after Kerry's "terrorism as a nuisance" comment since it liked it to gambling and prostitution... In Kerry's view, the primary component of the Nevada economy, gambling, is a nuisance. No comment on what might be the primary economy of Pahrump. A more serious discussion of Kerry's ever changing position can be found at Daniel Pipes' site.

Added at 1:00 p.m.: How about those non-banana republics of the Security Council? Is the U.N. ready to recategorize them as Oil Republics?

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Your First Date with John

I am sure that I am not the first to ever feel that the cadidates for higher office were wooing the public with embellished stories regardless of party moniker. But the Kerry candidacy is the first to give me a creepy feeling.

You see the following in the Washington Post classifieds:

Wanted: "Sexy-young and beautiful country."
Me: "The perect male cadidate."

Okay, so you (the American public) bite and go out on a date before making the final commitment.

John Kerry is trying to convince you that he is the ultimate tall, mysterious, sensitive, regular-joe, cosmopolitan, sexy, sporty, defender of the faith and country type of guy. However, the date has gotten a bit creepy. After a few minutes, you realize that this date is all about HIM, and all that he is saying is highly questionable. Even if you make a comment about yourself, he is most likely to turn it back to himself and make himself seem even more grand. You: "I really enjoy reading, in fact I just..." Him (cutting you off):"Ah yes, I really enjoy relaxing with a fine Brandy while absorbing the unique insights of the greats such as Sartre and Hesse, blah, blah, blah..."

After about the third time of this, you excuse yourself to go to the bathroom with the intention of never coming back. But this is a presidential campaign date. His staffers hunt you down like a 16-point deer. So, it is back to the date table for you!

How many times does he have to tell you that he served in Viet Nam and defended this country as a young man? In light of his testimony and actions in the 1970s, that was a conflict in which we should not have been involved. So, one must conclude that no one was defending the U.S., and that he was actually embarrassed about his participation. You KNOW better. You keep looking at your watch.

His story about being a life-long hunter is okay, but when you realize that his story about deer hunting in Massachussets is bunk, then you have to question his manly-man status as a hunter. You KNOW better. You say no to dessert.

Care to kick back at the American pastime and share a beer with him for your second date? Does he even really go? He claims to have been at the World Series in New York on the fateful night that Bill Buckner booted the ball, but he was actually in Boston for a fundraiser. You KNOW better. You pick up the check (come on, you had to see that one coming!), and run away.

But he is not like one of those "I'll call you again sometime" type guys. He keeps calling and calling and calling and...

But he seems so smart and rich! Maybe you were wrong!

You weren't.

Please don't fall for "vote for me on Tuesday, and I will still respect you in the morning," and "vote for me on Tuesday, and everything will be just as safe as it was on 9/10 as I hold you in my United Nations arms" lines he is throwing at you. However, be forewarned that if you vote against him, and he loses, he (and his lawyers) will stalk you like a crazy rejected lover.

Stop answering personals that sound too good to be true. Go with the man who knows life can be hard, but wants to share the good times with you and help you through the bad. Vote for Bush.

Edited at 9:45 a.m.

Monday, October 25, 2004


Election Strategies

Hugh Hewitt has written today that the visit to Ohio by our own Governor Arnold is a good thing that would be made better if the governor were to visit some specifically targeted Catholic areas. I disagree.

The governor suffers from the same problem as Kerry in the eyes of Catholics: both are pro-choice and for stem-cell research. I would think this would irritate voters more than encourage them to actively support the President.

I am not saying that the Republicans should not use the governor in Ohio or elsewhere. Orthodox Catholics do have more in common with the political philosophy of Republicans like Schwarzenegger, but we do have serious theological and moral concerns. I should think that the governor will receive intense scrutiny on these points in any re-election bid especially if Kerry goes down to defeat.

But Kerry doesn't plan on losing. Hugh Hewitt is right about the proximity of victory and the Democrats plan to cheat. Although I have heard this from many sources, my hat tips to Lileks for the link about the Democrats plan to declare victory, and then fight out the loss in the courts. Blech!


Kerry and Clinton

One of my Democrat colleagues came up with this one today: Kerry should announce that he is looking forward to working with Bill Clinton as a member of his cabinet. The position would be one "to discuss more fully after next week" and would allow Clinton the opportunity to bow out for health or personal reasons (if he wants). It should provide a boost in the ol' Clinton independents.

He also thought that Kerry could promise Clinton his backing for the U.N. position, but I thought that would make Clinton appear to be a competitor on the world stage that no president would probably want.

How's that for pulling votes out of a "magic hat?"


Cathlolic When Convenient

Yesterday, John Kerry gave a speech in Florida to try and lessen the advantage that President Bush has on the issue of religious faith. Most news reports have about the same coverage of the events.

I have chosen to take his quotes out of order so that I can, hopefully, put them in the correct order and context for someone who should have a properly formed conscience.

1) "I don't want to claim that God is on my side, or our side. As Abraham Lincoln told us, 'I want to pray humbly that we are on God's side.' "

Comment: This would have been a good way to start, and, I would hope, that the part about being humble applies to his personal prayer as well.

2) "I love my church. I respect my bishops. But I respectfully disagree," Kerry said to a standing ovation.

Comment: Shouldn't his humility about faith and prayer extend to his personal disagreements with the the successors of the Apostles on matters of faith. Remember, the news reports that Kerry's comment is in response to those who state that he should not receive communion because of his public actions as a matter of the faith of the Church. Even Vatican Cardinals hold that politicians, like Kerry, should not receive communion so long as they publicy support the ALWAYS MORALLY WRONG practice of abortion. It would appear that Senator Kerry is suffering from an improperly formed conscience, and that he should humbly pray for help.

The fact that this line received a "standing ovation" should have given the Senator some pause. Humility does not to try to solicit crowds in support of ones disagreement with the bishops he supposedly respects.

3) "My faith, and the faith that I've seen in the lives of so many Americans, also teaches me that whatever you do to the least of these, you do unto me," he said during a rally at an auditorium in Fort Lauderdale. "That means that we have a moral obligation to one another, to the forgotten, to those who live in the shadows. This is a moral obligation that is at the heart of all, all, of our religious traditions."

Comment: And it also means what it says: "the least of these," which, in the eyes of the Church and its morally binding theology on its members includes the unborn.

Kerry is Machiavellian with nary a hint of a solid, moral, Catholic core. He cannot be trusted.

Well, perhaps he can convince Eminem to do a campaign appearance with him since Kerry seems to have more in common with the latter than he does with the orthodox shepherds of the Catholic Church.

ADDED at 2:40 p.m.: I just came across this at Natonal Review Online. It touches on Kerry's faith and religious problems from the last debate.


Not a REAL Security Council

John Kerry should be able to expalin away the ambassadors of the Security Council with whom he did not speak by simply saying that "it wasn't a real security council" since those countries are irrelvant... just like Poland, Spain, Italy, Australia, etc.

Gee, he has lied to embellish his reputation and please his ego. What a stunner.

Sunday, October 24, 2004


Kosovo Kerry

Sounds like sloppiness in the campaign office to me if it is true. However, if he is meeting with these yahoos, then it might cost him a point. Kosovo just doesn't get the average voter excited because, I'll bet, most of them don't have the slightest idea where it is (the undecideds that is). It is absolutely amazing to me that there are any undecideds who are actually likely voters. The alternatives between the two candidates is fairly obvious... and the blogging world seems to think that this would make a major difference in Bush's favor. I don't, but I hope I am wrong.

Saturday, October 23, 2004


Baseball Doesn't Matter

As I tried desperately to make my remote work, I realized that I would be lucky to get the "last" ("jump" for some of you) to work as the batteries died. Since I have DirecTV, the actual box is not user friendly, and I was hoping that I would "die" on the BSU-FSU game. No such luck. I was stuck with baseball.

I remember when baseball mattered. No, not just when it mattered to me on a very personal level. I LOVED baseball. It was my sport. I was All-League either First or Second Team all three years I played. I had a great senior season in H.S., and even had the chance to play college ball with a scholarship in the offing (and I could have easily played college ball at the non-scholarship level). I chose, what I thought at the time, was the best path of academics over athletics. I still followed MLB and my beloved Angels closely.

But after the last "work stoppage" I just couldn't be bothered anymore. But as I looked back on it, I realized that my "religous" following was one that was conducted via newspapers. I came to realize that the reason why I loved watching the sport so much on TV was that it was not on very often. For me, familiarity and close ups bred contempt.

I used to look forward to the game of the week on NBC with ol' Joe since it was a BIG deal. By the time I was in graduate school, you could watch games every day on cable as the Braves and Cubs televised almost every game on their "super stations." As cable coverage grew from there, my interest dropped. I switched to football.

My interest in the NBA dropped as well. To a degree, my interest in the NHL dropped too.

But I have to admit that I did get a rush during the time that I tuned in to the World Series tonight. I turned on (well, the remote died) at the top of the 7th inning. For those of you who saw the end of the game, you understand what I am writing about in this post.

Even so... it is NOT football. If you get "sort of" hurt, you are done for the game. The man replacing you gets to warm up on the field.

John Kerry is so excited about the Red Sox that he cannot even find his own goose after hunting. He "desiginated" someone else (who doesn't seem to exist) as if he had an American League D.H. rule to follow.

He should be excited about the Patriots. Football fans who are hunters are interested in the kill as well as the sport............

Fight On!

Watching Leinart at QB for SC today was like watching a rusty Todd Marinovich. Thankfully, UW is terrible.

Oh... THE REAL IRISH WON TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BC over ND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

... and the rechargeable batteries did just that! So, the remote now works, and I can go to bed!


A Slow Saturday

Well, it is slow as far as having anything to say. I spent the morning with the help of a fellow Knight cleaning out our fridge in the parish hall (man, was that a mess), and then I quickly assembled our new banner, staff and base.

Then I came home and cleaned the house while the wife whisked off for her day at the spa.

Checked the mail and got this doozy: a letter from a teachers' union supporting John Kerry. They gave a bunch of education related reasons, but I would think the number one thing teachers need to ensure that their jobs aren't eliminated would be more students. Why should we support someone who won't stop the million abortions a year. Afterall, isn't the welfare and education of children supposed to be the main reasons why we got into this profession?

Friday, October 22, 2004


Duck... Duck... GOOSE!

Well, I guess Senator Kerry shot a goose the other day while wearing a magic hat in Cambodia. Many observers like Radio Blogger have gone into detail on this one. Where is the missing goose? In keeping with his French theme, perhaps Sen. Kerry should resurrect Inspector Clouseau. Forgive me if I start twitching like Chief Inspector Dreyfus if Kerry is elected.

Earlier this month, the New York Times went hunting for a Catholic goose, namely, Archbishop Chaput of Denver. To read the full transcript of the interview (plus have access to a link to the NYT article) click here. There were many key statements in that interview, but the one that really jumped out at me was Archbishop Chaput's statement about the decision we, as voters, have to make: "Why would you trust someone with your life, if that person is willing to let unborn babies die?" I am starting to like the idea of living in Denver even more since the Archbishop is not one of those seamless garment loons, and the Broncos hammered the Raiders in Oakland recently. Now if we could just do something about the snow.

I suppose for the NYT and Kerry, the idea that the ends justifies the means applies at all times. This same idea also is followed by the many parents who park in the "NO PARKING" zone on one of the side streets while waiting to pick up their kids. About Fifty yards to the south is an entrance to a pick-up area and more city street area that has no parking restrictions. Of course these are the same parents that produce such lines overheard at back-to-school night as: "What does it matter if my child is late to class," and "How many fingers is he supposed to use (in reference to proper typing techniques)?" Well, at least I didn't have any drunks this year.

Thursday, October 21, 2004


Kerry's Sinews of Peace

Granted I am a busy man, (but only an important man to my family and, maybe, my students), but shouldn't the yahoos in the press (and for that matter, the Bush Administration) do a better job of dealing with the United Nations and with this issue in this election other than me?

Over the next few days, I had planned on applying the CORE ideas of Winston Churchill's Sinews of Peace speech to our modern world in my posts. It is the ONLY reason why a social liberal like Prime Minister Tony Blair is with us as far as I can tell.

But the folks at the Weekly Standard have already commented:

Kerry's belief in working with allies runs so deep that he has maintained that the loss of American life can be better justified if it occurs in the course of a mission with international support. In 1994, discussing the possibility of U.S. troops being killed in Bosnia, he said, "If you mean dying in the course of the United Nations effort, yes, it is worth that. If you mean dying American troops unilaterally going in with some false presumption that we can affect the outcome, the answer is unequivocally no."

Back to Churchill: In his historic speech in the great state of Missouri, Winston Churchill laid out the moral core of the new U.N.: a Judeo-Christian organization led by the United States and Great Britain.

That is the U.N. to which we and Great Britain belong. Even Tony Blair understands this.

Meanwhile, back on the U.S. front, it is now important that we analyze Sen. Kerry's view: if the U.S. were to go in alone, it would be based on a false presumption; however, if we went in under the U.N. flag, the presumption to go in would be TRUE (or justified).

What a bunch of nonsense! The real translation is that for Kerry: a "TRUE" presumption meets the "global test." Any battle that the United States has to fight in its defense or interest that does not receive the approval of the U.N. would be difficult, if not impossible, to justify according to the Kerry Global Test.

This is nonsense because Sen. Kerry relies on the 'good' judgement of the Security Council that includes countries on the take (in the case of Iraq), and the U.N. General Assembly that includes the likes of Syria.

Listen to Churchill yourself and decide. He understood the global war of his time since he understood evil. President Bush understands evil; the Senator who lacks a moral core does not.

Origianlly posted at 9:25 p.m. on October 20.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Save the Enviornmentalists! (& have a Mai Tai!)

Thank the heavens that Mrs. Heinz-Kerry was on The View  yesterday. I heard a blurb of it on the radio this morning where H-K was telling us that environmentalists either were caring, wonderful, concerned and complex people or that they were out getting drunk and/or committing suicide. Unfortunately, the webmasters at ABC were so underwhelmed by this crisis, that H-K's visit only merited one line that totally ignored here inane comments. What other juicy ones did she have? Well, she encouraged undecided voters to vote for the Sappy Senator because he was "complex" and "vulnerable." OBL just loooooooooooooves vulnerable. She also takes time to lay with the swans. The only time I want to lay with the swans is when I am six feet under. We are all familiar with that terrible sound that squeeze ketchup bottles make when in use. H-K is making terrible noises every time she opens her mouth. Someone needs to screw the cap back on tightly on this bottle.

Check out the change in a former Hollywood liberal of Airplane fame: Club for Growth. 

On a lighter note, Urchin #1 is just over the age of three, and two nights ago she went from random scribbling with her crayons to drawing shapes! She made a decent triangle, a square, and an adequate heart. Last night, she began to draw people. Mommy and Daddy appear to be of Soviet design in her world as we all look like Sputnik. 

Matt Damon, an avid Kerry supporter, seems to have gotten a bit confused. Whereas his candidate is trying to appeal to all types of ethnic conclaves in actual states in America, Damon seems to think that the best way to convince German-Americans is to campaign in Germany.  As for me, I have always preferred the real Damon's!  Quickly, to the Mai Tais!

Originally posted at 8:30 a.m.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Bonjour, Dear Readers

Okay, I am going to try this all again ("huh?" you say).  One of the joys of html is being prodded to swear even more than ever.  For some reason, I am having a more difficult time with this particular Google-world format than I do writing it from scratch or using a composer.  So I am now using a composer.  Aren't you just thrilled?!?!?!?!?!

Issue #1: French-Fried Candidate:  No, the Sappy Senator has not spent too much time in a tanning salon, nor has Bill Clinton snuck back into the race (although many of his hacks have).  John Kerry has now resorted to campaigning for the premiership of an independent Quebec (he can't really want to run Haiti?) by yammering in French.

Issue #2: Another Catholic not bound by his Faith:  Governor Arnold has decided to try to run for re-election by ticking of the same people in California that Kerry has found time to irritate: faithful-orthdox Roman Catholics.  We all know about his inability to be pro-life, now he comes out for Proposition 71 (stem cell research).  I would be interested in a poll of FORCs after the election focusing on their vote in the presidential election and on Prop. 71.  If they vote heavily for Bush and against 71, you may be able to stick a fork into Arnold.

Issue #3:  The Anglican's of the merry old world seem to be sticking up to the trendy liberals in the new.  It is times like these that you have to wonder if Thomas Cranmer would have behaved as he did all those years ago if he could see the state of affairs in the children of the C of E today.  The Australian version of the C of E recently came out against the ordination of homosexual bishops and the blessings of gay unions. Most people know about Nigeria's position.  Are the traditionalists winning, or is the Anglican Communion about to implode?  Only time will tell.

Monday, October 18, 2004


Vote Bush - NOT Kerry!

For the Hugh Hewitt symposium #3.

From the official Duelfer Report as found on the CIA's website: "Sadam Husayn so dominated the Iraqi Regime that its strategic intent was his alone. He wanted to end sanctions while preserving the capability to reconstitute his weapons of mass destruction (WMD) when sanctions were lifted."

John Kerry refuses to accept the above and that the very countries whose approval and "help" he supposedly desires were the ones on the take in the oil-for-food program and/or were selling arms to and making money from Iraq thus helping Sadam. Had the current incarnation of his world view been accepted two years ago, we would have a stronger and more lethal Sadam on our hands.

President Bush gets it. Kerry does not. Kerry's inability to understand this evil stems from his own lack of a solid moral core (see posts below). He wants to see the world and his career according to his script, and the truth be darned. President Bush sees the world as it is and acts accordingly.

Defend America; vote for Bush!


Paris Prostitution

Well, my honor students are hard at work creating newspaper articles centering around a chapter that contains a large amount of material not linked to the California content standards. So, I do not make them do the entire chapter for the purposes of testing, but I do let them use the entire chapter for this particular project. One section has to do with prostitution in Paris.

I'm wondering if I will get any oil-for-food articles since prostitution of a different sort is alive and well in Paris.

This is why I buy Australian and Californian wines (with the exception of Veuve Cliqot for the holidays that others consume). Oh, and I do have some Chianti in the wine rack as well.


Another Rainy Day in Bad Weather Southern California

Oh, the weather here is just sooooo bad! That is if you believe the whining students outside who claim it is freezing while they are wearing skirts and skimpy tops while waving good bye to the parental unit that just dropped them at school. I am sure these are the same parents who made sure that these students had finished their homework over the weekend and will all attend the parent-teacher report card extravaganza this Thursday night! Sheesh! So sarcastic so early on a Monday morning.

Speaking of education, will the next president PLEASE dismantle the Department of Education.

And speaking of education, someone needs to educate UCLA on how to tackle. As an ex-coach, it gets a frustrating watching any team look like it has not been coached on how to execute the fundamentals. Someone should tell Dorrell that he is not the head coach of an Arena team. I like the fact that at the last home game, my sister passed the hat to buy some tackling dummies for the team. It was so bad (Even though they beat AZ) that even some Wildcat boosters chipped in...

I finally got to watch a game where SC Pete (sounds like a pirate's name... maybe the next Raider HC?) didn't have the dear-eyes-in-the-headlights look while watching a good opposing offense make him look silly early. The Trojans defense finally stopped that bend don't break nonsense.

Maybe Dorrell can get some game film on WI and SC from ABC. Since the SC-UCLA game is THE Pac-10 game for ABC on that first Saturday in December, they better hope that things improve on the Westside while no bad things happen in South Central.

DRAFT ALERT: "The president has a secret plan to posion the water in Utah with Miller Genuine Draft!" Well, not really, but who knows if Kerry will claim that one soon. Afterall, this is the liar who keeps stirring up the secret draft nonsense. Someone should really make the Sappy Senator sit down with Gen. Franks (ret.) so that the latter could explain to the former that the new army relies on less Mass and more Acceleration to achieve the needed Force (F=MA). Kerry's list of old school officers want to go back to the OLD way of doing things which relies on MORE MORE MORE manpower, not less. So which administration would likely need to reinstitute a draft: Answer: KERRY!

Now if Kerry were able to convince A-B to bring back Michelob Golden Draft to the west coast... nah... California is already solidly behind the Senator. But they do have that brand in the midwest... maybe that is the not so secret Draft plan that Bush has already implemented!

QUICK! Someone inform CBS news and Michael Moore!

Well, I guess I actually should do some work around here!

Saturday, October 16, 2004


The First Doorbell

And who should come to my door (just as I sat the kids down with chicken while the wife is off at church) but our first admirers.... and they were Bruins! Yet, it was news to them that the President actually had a re-election website. UCLA must not allow Republicans access to computers. I guess they give them old typewriters from the Texas Air National Guard.

The lead Bruin was a tad (and I do mean "tad") upset that I was unable to lead them to some place that would give them signs such as mine for free. I felt like saying that was a Kerry mindset, but was afraid that I might lose a Republican vote in a race that matters. I did not tell her I was a Trojan. I figure that there are now at least six UCLA people I know who are Republicans, so I shouldn't push it (although they certainly pushed Cal until the end tonight... UCLA might just win the rest of their games, except for SC, and go to the Holiday Bowl which would make one of my sisters happy as I have Holiday Bowl "season" tickets).

And speaking of football: HOW ABOUT THOSE BADGERS!!!!! I root for Wisconsin like a pro team since my folks are graduates of UW and the Packers were horrible when I was growing up (kind of like this year unfortunately).

Painful thought of the day: I normally try to eliminate idiotic comments from my students from my mind, and I had done a great job of it until I went ouside to pry up the sprinklers of the neighbor's (DON'T ask) as I do every night, when WHAM, it hits me (from Thursday): "Like, how can anyone vote for Bush, since, like, he like, sounds so, I mean, like, he can't talk! He's, like, an, idiot!" (expletives deleted)

I had to bite my tongue in class that day, but I wanted to say,"If I were to, like, grade, like all of you, like, on how you, like speak, I would, like, have to flunk, like, most of you."

Vouchers anyone?


The Big Bush Sign and Reader's comments

Well, the big big Bush-Cheney sign went up this morning and as she who must be obeyed and myself were sliding the poles over the stakes, a guy in one of those tight yellow bicycle outfits came whizzing by and shouted," TAKE THAT DOWN!" My wife looked at me while laughing and said, "how long did it take (before someone complained)? Answer: 3 seconds.

And even though he was wearing a yellow outfit like the senator, I doubt it was him... but if you want to look like the man you are going to vote for, shouldn't you have the botox done too?

After we got back in the house my wife began worrying that some psycho would come to our door... I was more worried about the remaining green grass not getting enough water, so I moved the sign closer to the house. To make my wife happier, I stuck the little NRA yard sign near the door.

I also didn't like the "hugeness" of the sign as it is eight feet by four feet. Since I voted against the Glendale give away called A-B-C, I thought my house should not look like the signs you will find at most Caruso projects. Now the sign simply faces the Kerry voters across the street by coincidence... REALLY! Who could've predicted that!

One of my fellow church going Republicans read my second post and actually responded (yipee! my first one!):

"I think you can also judge Kerry on his statements in the debate.  They do reveal what he really is:

'I am running to be a president who happens to be a Catholic.'

Why isn't he a Catholic who happens to be running for president?  The answer is obvious after you understand his stance on everything where practice is in conflict with Catholic teaching!  He truly believes that being a catholic allows him to express his disagreement with Catholic teaching and thus in those areas where disagreement occurs he may choose to deviate to an alternate practice.

 "I believe that choice is a woman's choice. It's between a woman, God and her doctor. And that's why I support that. "  I am not sure what this double talk means.  Does this mean that God is complicit in abortions?  Do only women talk to God?  Why no talk about life (which happens to be in 1st position of our unalienable rights)?  Where is the 'right to choose' among our natural rights.

More (?) importantly, SC is up by 28 just before half... and they have Sam Adams Octoberfest on tap at the club!

They just scored again! 42-7!

Vote Catholic, NOT Kerry!

Friday, October 15, 2004


Kerry has no moral core

I have been ranting to anyone who would listen (well, that would be my wife and her new friend, Stella) for quite some time that politicans who claim to be faithful Catholics but publicly support abortion rights simply cannot be trusted on any issue. Why? Because they have rejected their core beliefs of who they supposedly are for the benefits bestowed upon them by the political system. Faith without works is indeed dead, and alleged faith that does not prevent one from supporting and allowing bad works is no faith at all.

This is quite different from someone who sins and confesses (like myself) that he is wrong.

If Kerry were a member of a religion that had no opinion on abortion rights or was in favor of them, then this would not be an issue because the obvioius contradiction stated above simply would not exist. Even if he called himself an ex-Catholic he would be more trustworthy. So even if you like what you hear from the man from New England, be vary wary because there is no guarantee that he will stand for your issue if it appears that buy doing so he will be damaged politically. Go read "The Prince!"


The Trojan Republican

Some may refer to me as the Trojan Republican Horse since I am now entering my sixth year working in public education. But the one thing that I have found is that there are more republican horses in this particular stable then most would imagine. They just are as grumpy and noticeable as I am.

Of course I will be much grumpier on Monday if the Trojans fall to the Sun Devils of ASU on Saturday.

But I will not be as grumpy as Senator Kerry will be when he finally sits down with his campaign lackey who has referred to V.P. Cheney's daughter (oh, and he has TWO) as "fair game." If that staffer is not held in check, she may steal from Patrick Buchanan and say "lock and load" as there are Evangelical votes out there to kill. Sheesh!

Well, the good news is that no matter what happens on Saturday, the 4 foot by 8 foot Bush-Cheney sign will be up on the ol' front lawn this weekend. I could only do this since the ACLU stepped in an attacked a local ordiance that prohibited the size and quantities of signs. Oh, the irony... but California is a wasteland for our good President Bush, but those of us who remain ornery and grumpy will go down swinging.


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