Monday, February 26, 2007


Hot Air Al

Gore's mansion uses over $1000 per month in electricity. People, please, stop giving this cretin any respect!


Friday, February 23, 2007


Musical Torture

If you simply are tired of the sappy music played in your church, you may want to join the petition to ban the awful noise as my wife and I have.

Here is one of the parodies (sung to "Here I am, Lord") you can find on the site:

Here I Am, Lord, Where Are You, Lord?

See the Blessed Sacrament
where the tabernacle went
in that little alcove there off to the side.
When folks come into the nave,
they don't know how to behave:
should they genuflect or not?
They can't decide.

Here I am, Lord. Where are You, Lord?
Are You in that niche way over there?
Once You were, Lord, front and center.
Now I cannot see You anywhere.


Thursday, February 22, 2007


The Traditionalist Mass

The quote below is from an interview that can be found here with a Domincian Abbot in New Mexico:

But is the traditionalist world so important that the Holy Father should risk his pontificate by giving them a motu proprio?

Abbot: Jesus Christ, when talking about the Good Shepherd and the lost sheep, spoke about leaving the ninety-nine in order to seek out the one. We are talking about one percent. But we are also talking about the very vocation of the Good Shepherd. It is interesting to note that some Bishops speak about the Traditionalists as a “drop in the ocean.” As a matter of fact, the traditionalist world constitute a little over one percent of the Catholic Population. How Christ-like indeed it would be to offer a gesture of pastoral love in the form of a motu proprio!


Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Play by the Rules

The yellow flag rule in NASCAR is in effect for the safety of drivers. Why wasn't it put out after the last crash on Sunday? Weren't their drivers behind the crash who were in potential danger? The answer, of course, is "yes."

Shame on NASCAR.



A Sensible Man

Oh, Al Gore, will you now attack the great Cardinal of Sydney, Australia?

My guess is that Cardinal Pell will not be at any one of nut-job's backed global warming concerts!

Click here for Pell's latest common sense post. Remember, that there is a direct link to his Archdiocese on the left hand side of this page.

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Friday, February 16, 2007


Now what, Roger?

Cardinal Mahony's consistently soft stance has failed once again to prevent an allegedly Catholic politician from further promote the culture of death. California Speaker Fabian Nunez is now fully on board with assisted suicide for the terminally ill under the belief that pain and suffering need to be eliminated even if it means hastening death.

Tell that to the crucified Christ.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Sick of Marriage

This last Sunday was World Day for the Sick and the World Day of Marriage in the Catholic Church. Am I the only to notice the odd combination?

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Two Down

The other Edwards' knucklehead has resigned.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


One down

The Edwards campaign has accepted the resignation of one bigot, who, by the way, simply blames one Catholic for harassing her... but, alas, it wasn't me!

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Thursday, February 08, 2007


My Letter to John Edwards

I just sent this one off via his website's e-mail program:

Dear Mr. Edwards:

Your disgusting decision to stand by the bigots on your staff is probably causing John F. Kennedy to spin in his grave.

As a teacher in a mixed school (ethnicity, religion, etc.) I teach about tolerance. I can only point to your recent example as the type of intolerance that still exists in society that needs to be eradicated.

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Shake Your Booty!

Cardinal Mahony is at it again. The annual train wreck conference is upon us - check out the disastorous schedule of some of the events at the Cafeteria is Closed blog.

I only hope that the person in charge of music at my parish doesn't go. The "hymn" selections chosen now often (but to be fair, not always) are so insipid that I just want to get into the fetal position. I was thinking along those lines last Sunday as the congregation sang the goofy gathering song that seems to get sung at so many L.A. parishes these days. While the song celebrates the fact that we have gathered to celebrate our togetherness, I was quietly going in a different direction as I mentally recited the entrance antiphon for the day which was entirely more appropriate:

Come, let us worship the Lord. Let us bow down in the presence of our maker, for he is the Lord our God.

Of course this antiphon goes against the Mahony mandate that we, the congregation, should turn and welcome the "presider" as as he saunters down the aisle. My wife and I face forward toward the tabernacle, and this past week's antiphon seems to point that maybe that is what we should all be doing.


Friday, February 02, 2007


Saint Blaise

I should be the first to admit that I had forgotten that tomorrow is Saint Blaise's Feast Day. I remember how when I was young we always went to church for the blessing of the throats. It's not mentioned in the bulletin of my chruch either (I went to a different one last week as can be seen in the post below on language). It wasn't in the bulletin of the church in San Dimas.

Another fine tradition and spiritual experience bites the dust in the Mahonified church of Los Angeles.

How sad.



Name that Language!

The Janauary 28 edition of the Holy Name of Mary Parish bulletin (not yet published on the site) is, well, amazing for very one reason: it demonstrates how ignorant many have become of the official language of the Church (it's Latin in case your are one of the ignorant). In the article Liturgy/Music Corner that appears on page 7, the author feels the need to add the following explanation about the words (in Latin) to the Agnus Dei: "Please note that when we sing Agnus Dei we are NOT singing in Spanish" (emphasis in the original).

If you get around to actually reading the piece, I am that the violations of the GIRM will astound you, but the bit about Latin and Spanish was shocking. I actually laughed out loud prior to Mass while reading it. If you have ever had to suffer through a "Mass" at this parish I have empathy for you. If you are a parishonier, you have my sympathy. Get out while you still have your faith!



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