Thursday, February 08, 2007


Shake Your Booty!

Cardinal Mahony is at it again. The annual train wreck conference is upon us - check out the disastorous schedule of some of the events at the Cafeteria is Closed blog.

I only hope that the person in charge of music at my parish doesn't go. The "hymn" selections chosen now often (but to be fair, not always) are so insipid that I just want to get into the fetal position. I was thinking along those lines last Sunday as the congregation sang the goofy gathering song that seems to get sung at so many L.A. parishes these days. While the song celebrates the fact that we have gathered to celebrate our togetherness, I was quietly going in a different direction as I mentally recited the entrance antiphon for the day which was entirely more appropriate:

Come, let us worship the Lord. Let us bow down in the presence of our maker, for he is the Lord our God.

Of course this antiphon goes against the Mahony mandate that we, the congregation, should turn and welcome the "presider" as as he saunters down the aisle. My wife and I face forward toward the tabernacle, and this past week's antiphon seems to point that maybe that is what we should all be doing.


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