Monday, February 29, 2016


What an odd election season

Well I am certainly not telling you anything you don't know with that title. Super Tuesday should be interesting. What I am looking forward too is the GOP Senate primary in NC (we've moved). Richard Burr is the incumbent, but he is being challenged from the right (thankfully!). Although he has a difficult road to getting the nomination, I certainly hope that Dr. Greg Brannon gets it. He is the Tea Party candidate, who fell short in 2014. He doesn't come without controversy having had a failed tech company where he ended up losing a civil suit to the tune of almost $500K. However that did not deter Rand Paul from endorsing him in 2014. He also is a graduate of the right USC! Fight on!

Thursday, October 02, 2014


Well because I can

I was going to post here... and then I found FaceBook... and then I found FaceBook... I think I may come back here, but will still be on FB.


I'd love to post but...

Google has been trying to link all my accounts to my work account. I hope I have unlinked them.


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