Friday, July 28, 2006


SSPX Blowhards

Click on the link in the title above and scroll down to the "Declaration." I have great sympathy for those who desire a return to the Traditional Rite; however, the pompous and sanctimonious tone that colors almost everything I have read that has originated with the SSPX turns my stomach. The order is convinced that it knows better, and that it is the true repository of the Catholic Faith.

Humility does not appear to be a trait of the order.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Iraq's Yellow Cake and Partially Enriched Uranium

Just in case you think Joe Wilson is telling the truth, let me take this opportunity that Iraq, upon our invasion, had 500 tons of yellow cake and a whole bunch of partially enriched uranium. Click here to review the story.

The man was a menace and needed to be taken out.

Monday, July 24, 2006


The Root Issue

Mr. Fisher and I continue to e-mail one another, although he has chosen to wind down this exchange. I cannot say I blame him since we seem to be getting nowhere. Mr. Fisher, I have now confirmed, was one of the backers of a controversial proposal at the California State Convention of the K of C in 2003 that I, well in the minority, opposed. I opposed it since, as it read, did not allow politicians to vote for bills that would reduce abortions but still permit them. I am assuming (although I am still doing research) that Supreme wasn't to thrilled with that either since that limitation is contrary to the teachings of the Church (politicians are obliged to pick the lesser of two evils in this particular case). More later... the research I have done is on a different computer!

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Back and Forth

Although Mr. Fisher and I continue to e-mail one another, we seem to be speaking past one another. It does not seem necessary to post all of the correspondence here; I think I can fairly summarize his position as follows:

1) The Knights of Columbus should immediately expel all pro-abortion and pro-homosexual politicians (pro in that they vote for favorable legsislation);

2) That KofC should ignore the Bishop's authority to define who is and who is not a "practical-Catholic;"

3) The only reasons that Supreme refuses to expel such politicians is that that Supreme doesn't want to get sued, that the officers of Supreme are only interested in protecting their salaries, and that Supreme doesn't want to lose any tax benefits that the organization currently enjoys.

Mr. Fisher has conveniently ignored my points that Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI held and do hold the Order in high regard; that there is no reasonable alternative to the "practical Catholic" provision of membership; and, harping about salaries comes off as petty jealousy.

Sadly, we both want the same thing: for these anti-Catholic politicians to get out of the Knights!

Thursday, July 20, 2006


An open letter to the CRCOA, Inc, and the responses

Dear Mr. Fisher:

I concur that the membership of pro-abortion politicians in the Knights of Columbus is a blight on the organization. However, I cannot support your planned protest against the Knights of Columbus due to its refusal to expel pro-abortion politicians who are also members of the Order.

As you point out on your website "we recognize that He established His Church as a hierachical one" as does the Knights of Columbus. As such, only bishops can define what a "practical Catholic" is, and so long as the individual bishops do not publicly declare these individuals as no longer being practical Catholics, there is nothing that the order can do in regards to their membership since we have no moral authority to declare anyone to be a "non-practical Catholic."

However, I would certainly support any resolution (which would have to be initiated at the state level(s)) to publicly call on any member of the Knights who is a pro-abortion politician to immediately resign. The resolution should also include language that reaffirms the pro-life stance of the Order. Additionally, I would appreciate it if you could send me a list of these politicians so that I may contact them personally and ask them to change their ways or resign from the Knights.

Vivat Jesus!

Matthew J. McKinley PGK/SK



Thank you for your comments; however the statement you quote in the second paragraph is not our statement, but one from the Bureaucratic “leadership” of the KofC and, in the light of the late Cardinal O’Connor’s statement, really holds no water.

By the way, we have twice succeeded in getting just such a resolution passed at the California State Council level, the first time by a unaminous vote minus one, the second time by at least an 80% majority, only to have it squashed at the Supreme level. Also, the Supreme in 2003 actually passed a resolution that would have effectively expelled all such errant Knights; however whenever any Council tried to enforce it, the brave men at Supreme squashed them. Check it out.

If you know of any such errant Knights, please send us their names, Council number, state, and a brief description of their errancy.

As soon as I can locate it, I will attach an article describing Virgil Dechant’s pitiful attempt in Chicago to convince me that we were accomplishing nothing, and that they would continue to protect the membership of such errant Knights for your reading.

As long as Knights continue to allow this shameful activity to continue at the State and Supreme levels, we should not call ourselves Knights! As a matter of fact, Fr. Joe Geary, S.J., our now deceased Four times California State Chaplain, once said to me “Ken we’re not Knights, we’re whimps” this was after Virgil had just admitted to the State Convention that the real reason that they could not have allowed our resolutions to take effect was that it would cost $$$$$ in lawsuits from such loyal, pro-abortion, pro-sodomite Knights! We can’t have that can we! Just think, Virgil’s extremely generous retirement and Anderson’s over One Million Dollar salary might have to be reduced!

God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
Kenneth M. Fisher, Founder & Chairman
Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc.

And My Response to His Response

Dear Mr. Fisher:

"On Jul 20, 2006, at 2:42 PM, Kenneth M. Fisher wrote:

however the statement you quote in the second paragraph is not our statement, but one from the Bureaucratic “leadership” of the KofC and, in the light of the late Cardinal O’Connor’s statement, really holds no water."

I took the quote about hierarchy directly from your "Our Philosophy" section found at the following link:

Unfortunately, you have given me absolutely no legitimate source that the Knights of Columbus have the authority to define what is a "practical Catholic." I can find no such authority for the organization in either the Catechism nor in Canon law (although my access and knowledge of the latter is minimal, my searches have given me no results that the Knights have such authority).

I am certainly empathetic with your position. However, I will continue to focus my protests on the bishops who put the Order in this terribly awkward position since they are the ones who define who is eligible to join the Knights of Columbus since they control who is and who is not a practical Catholic.

Vivat Jesus!

Matthew J. McKinley PGK/SK

Monday, July 17, 2006


Hope for Traditionalists

The SSPX and Rome may finally be reconciled. According to the post linked in the previous sentence, the liberalization for the praying of the Tridentine Mass for all Catholics would be included. This linkage makes sense, and it would also show that the rumors about the liberalization (funny use of the word in that the result would be a more conservative outcome) that were floating around during Holy Week were simply premature facts (to borrow a line from a movie).

For the liberals who will, no doubtedly, be up in arms about such a liberalization, they should rest assured that in their lifetimes they will have little contact with the Tridentine Rite since so many of our priests today do not know enough Latin to properly pray and offer the Mass.

However, if the SSPX gets its act together and accepts the pact, it does bode well for the future of the Church.


Life In the Cardinal's Church

Roger's openly gay deacon is at it again. Hat tip to Roman Catholic Blog for pointing out this story. Please tell me how a an open subversive, as in openly subverting the Catholic faith, is allowed regular access to the pulpit?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Intolerant India

What would St. Thomas think?

Radical Hindus in several Indian states have outlawed postelyzing and, in some cases, Chrisitans (both Protestant and Catholic) have been killed.

The next time you call a toll-free number for service and get an Indian representative, ask him or her what he thinks, and then fire off a letter or e-mail to the company you are contacting protesting there support for a religiously intolerant country.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Church as a Chore - The Loss of the Sacred

Attending Mass has taken on a new name in our household: Church as Chore. In reality, we should be praying the Mass, but with the constant emphasis on the horizontal, the vertical has been diminished if not outright lost depending on the parish. This flies in direct opposition to the Pope's emphasis on returning the sense and reality of the Sacred to the liturgy. I realize that many of the people who are "liberal" are sincere; but sincerity does not equal right.

The latest affront occurred at the San Gabriel Mission where some of the mandated traditional prayers were replaced by pagan ones so that the culture of a particular group (Native Americans) could be inserted in their place. The reporter for the Tidings wrote:

The Gloria became the "Honor Song to the Creator," the offertory song the "Planting Stick Song," the communion song the "California Bear Healing Song" and the meditation song, the "Barbareno Chumash Song," which asks for the spirit of healing to do away with pain and suffering."Tayiy Honuuk," an ancient ancestor's melody, served as the dismissal song.

The "Mass" was overseen by the utlra-liberal Bishop Zavala.

Folks, I am not, as so many seem to want to be today, interested in "celebrating diversity while celebrating community." I am interested in praying the Mass with Catholics. In case you have forgotten, the latter word means "universal," and that is the communityin which I, and it appears the Pope, am interested.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Happy Fourth of July

I'm sorry that I haven't been ranting much lately. I have been spending a great deal of time doing research on my family history-tree and the various branches.

The one thing that I have confirmed is that my family is part of the immigrant group that helped build this nation; however, unlike they multi-culturalist bigots of today, my family members became proud Americans. Several of the males from Prussia-Germany actually fought for the United States against the Kaiser and the Central Powers in World War I.

I am doubtful that many of today's immigrants who raising the most noise in the illegal immigration debate would be so patriotic in the AMERICAN sense of the word.

May God Bless America!


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