Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Wright's new House in an ALL WHITE Neighborhood - Sort of

Click on the title for the full article.

Here is a pic of the house under construction in an all-white neighborhood on a golf course.

Well, 1.9% of the community is black.

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Hagee is NOT Wright

Gee, will the DNC back down now?  Doubtful...

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Obama's Angry and Outraged

So, Senator Obama is now angry and outraged over Rev. Wright's comments of yesterday stating, "Yesterday we saw a very different vision of America. I am outraged by the comments that were made, and saddened over the spectacle we saw yesterday. The person I saw yesterday was not the person I met 20 years ago. His comments were not only divisive and destructive, but I believe ended up giving comfort to those who prey on hate."


Obama has already admitted that Wright is controversial. There is absolutely no indication that what Wright said yesterday differs from what he has been saying for the last 20 years based on the Wright's long term embrace of black liberation theology.

Obama is either ignorant or a liar. From the standpoint of judgement, he is not fit to hold the office he currently holds let alone the Presidency.

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Monday, April 28, 2008


Wright's Deficient Talk

Today, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright spoke in front of the National Press Club.  Where he was dishonest was in his deliberate failure to explain that liberation theology is grounded in Marxism.

His claim that the Iraq war was started over a lie is a lie in and of itself.

The implication that his own military service and that of his God daughter's somehow makes his unpatriotic and hate filled attack on the United States on the Sunday after 9/11 is intellectually dishonest.

His claim that the United States has not sought reconciliation for slavery is dishonest.  He ignores the Civil War and the 13th and 14th Amendments as it relates to reconciliation.

His explanation of liberation theology was not just "different" but deficient.

His claim that the Iraq war is based on a lie was not just "different" but deficient.

His justification of his hateful and unpatriotic comments was not just "different" but deficient.

His ignoring the dead soldiers of the Union army who fell to eradicate slavery in this country was not "different" but deficient.

Jeremiah Wright is a racist, and his justification for his hate-filled theology is not just different or deficient, but just flat out wrong.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008



Sunday, April 06, 2008


Boycott Absolut Vodka

There are plenty of good vodkas on the market.  You don't need to buy one that insults America and promotes idiotic Atzlan garbage.  Click on this posts title.

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Invading Iraq was the Right Thing to Do

The liberals in America, be they in the press, politics (like Obama), religion (like Reverend Wright) or down the hall from me, are rejoicing over the Defense Departments release of 600,000 documents seized in Iraq which conclude that, "This study found no 'smoking gun' between Saddam's Iraq and al Qaeda."

So how can I argue that the invasion was the right thing to do? Well, this little tidbit from the conclusion is sufficient for me:

"One question remains regarding Iraq' s terrorism capability: Is there
anything in the captured archives to indicate that Saddam had the will to use his
terrorist capabilities directly against United States? Judging from examples of
Saddam' s statements before the 1991 Gulf War with the United
States, the answer is 'yes'....

In the years between the two Gulf Wars, UN sanctions reduced Sadam's ability to shape regional and world events, steadily draining his military, economic, and military powers. The rise of Islamist fundamentalism in the region gave Saddam the opportunity to make terrorism, one of the few tools remaining in Saddam' s "coercion" toolbox, not only cost effective but a formal instrument of state power. Saddam nurtured this capability with an infrastructure supporting (1) his own particular brand of state terrorism against internal and external threats, (2) the state sponsorship of suicide operations, and (3) organizational relationships and "0ut reach programs "for terrorist groups. Evidence that was uncovered and
analyzed attests to the existence of a terrorist capability and a willingness to use it until the day Saddam was forced to flee Baghdad by Coalition forces."

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008


The Pope and Iraq

George Weigel writes at NRO that the Vatican is now against an immediate withdrawal from Iraq as it would be disastorous.

When are the libs at the USCCB going to accept this?

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