Monday, April 28, 2008


Wright's Deficient Talk

Today, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright spoke in front of the National Press Club.  Where he was dishonest was in his deliberate failure to explain that liberation theology is grounded in Marxism.

His claim that the Iraq war was started over a lie is a lie in and of itself.

The implication that his own military service and that of his God daughter's somehow makes his unpatriotic and hate filled attack on the United States on the Sunday after 9/11 is intellectually dishonest.

His claim that the United States has not sought reconciliation for slavery is dishonest.  He ignores the Civil War and the 13th and 14th Amendments as it relates to reconciliation.

His explanation of liberation theology was not just "different" but deficient.

His claim that the Iraq war is based on a lie was not just "different" but deficient.

His justification of his hateful and unpatriotic comments was not just "different" but deficient.

His ignoring the dead soldiers of the Union army who fell to eradicate slavery in this country was not "different" but deficient.

Jeremiah Wright is a racist, and his justification for his hate-filled theology is not just different or deficient, but just flat out wrong.

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