Tuesday, June 26, 2007


It's Been Awhile

I'm sorry that I haven't been blathering lately. The folks at the district office have decided that all blogs are evil and will cause damage to the children of the Covina Valley school district. Thus, my pre-school and lunchtime missives have been killed off. That, of course, is not all bad, but what is bad is that I cannot read commentary from good sources for current events for my social studies students.

One thing of importance that my wife and I have done is opt-out our children from the evil Virtus/TAT program that is being shoved down the throat of parents in the Achdiocese of the child molester protector (Roger Mahony for the rest of you). Even the Catholic Medical Association has come out against it claiming that it damages the children.

But what the heck, since the majority of the stockholders of the group that produces Virtus/TAT programs are church dioceses and archdioceses, what's a little damage when there is a buck to be made?



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