Thursday, February 28, 2008


Crazy California Legislators (Democrats)

A couple of days ago, Bill Stall wrote a silly little opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times arguing for an increase in taxes because even Governor Reagan had raised taxes. He also took a swipe at people who buy yachts and get tax credits. What he conveniently ignores are true hard facts: 2% of the population pay over 50% of all taxes; the bottom 50% pays only 3%; our state budget was $105.3 Billion in fiscal year 2004-05; the original proposed budget for 2007-08 was $143.4 Billion. I seriously doubt that our expenses have risen around $38 Billion in three years. Methinks there is too much spending by liberal politicians who think like Bill Stall.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Uncle Gerry: 1927-2008 R.I.P.

Dear Uncle Gerry:

First of all, I am flattered and gratified that you kept asking about when my sister, Maureen, and I would arrive to visit you.

I am lucky that I was able to spend some quality time with you (as you happily ate, in your words, your favorite food of mashed potatoes, gravy, meat and butter - that butter being on the potatoes as you were a "Wisconsin Yankee!").

Conversing with you during your last supper in your R.V. (or "The Box" as your beloved family calls it) was an honor and a privilege for both Maureen and me. I am still in your debt for your spiritual, physical, and emotional help that you gave to my mother (and me), Sylvia, a few short years ago.

I hope and pray (as have my girls) that you now have a prime seat that would make the horsemen at Santa Anita jealous. Give my love to my Mother, Ida, Ralph, Don, Chuck, Cal and all the rest.......................

While in Wisconsin, thanks for treating my family and me like honored guests as we came through Marengo even though we did not stay in the house. Thanks for allowing my two oldest (when they were three and two) to run up and down the stairs, as I did as a child, while you laughed.

Thanks for coming out and sharing the Rose Parade, the VIP Party and game with me.

Thanks for being there after my Mom died.

Thanks for making Mom (Sylvia) proud by your actions after Uncle Vernon died.

Thanks for offering me Ida's "you know what"... that my mom insisted be framed... may it find worthy hands.

Thank you soooooo much for being FAMILY.

May you rest in peace.

God Bless!
Vivat Jesus

Your nephew,
Matthew J.McKinley

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Friday, February 08, 2008


Shootin' for the Moon

While traveling today in Louisiana, I was listening to KEEL AM radio 710 out of Shreveport to radio commentator Moon Griffon who was commentating on the Saturday primary in his state. Perhaps he clarified his views (or maybe a caller did) at a time when I was not able to listen, but, for the sake of this post, I will assume that he did not.

Mr. Griffon was concerned that conservative voters in the GOP might feel the need to vote for Senator McCain tomorrow in order to show party unity. He argued that a protest vote was in order, and, based on the brief time that I was able to listen, implied that the protest vote would be for Mitt Romney.

Now the three of you who read this blog know that I endorsed Mitt ages ago (although the Thompson campaign made me rethink that position), voted for him in California (and by the way, donated to him last week), and still respect him a great deal. My objection with Mr. Griffon's position is that a vote for Romney is not a protest vote; rather, it will send a clear signal to Mr. McCain that his mea culpa (sort of) at the CPAC convention was not enough.

I hope all the conservatives yet to vote choose to vote for Romney (versus Mr. West Virginia back-door winner Huckabee).

Send the RIGHT signal.

(and I hope the knucklehead in the room next to my shuts up soon!)


Wednesday, February 06, 2008


The Aftermath

The title of this post is a link to Hugh Hewitt who is absolutely correct when he argues that if McCain is the Republican nominee, those of us who don't like him need to hold our noses and vote for him because the War on Terror and the potential to nominate six Supreme Court Justices are issues that cannot be left in the hands of Obama or Clinton. That said, the Dobson Declaration is idiotic. If he really is interested in promoting family values, letting the Democrats take over the Supreme Court is a sure way to see those values critically injured for the next 40 years.


Friday, February 01, 2008


Spanking Berkeley

The leftist nut jobs in Berkeley are at it again. Click on the link above to see Senator De Mint's brilliant idea of how to deal with these nuts.



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