Monday, October 30, 2006


Top Ten

1) Ohio State
2) Florida
3) Michigan
4) Auburn
5) Tennessee
6) California
7) West Virginia
8) USC
9) Texas
10) Wisconsin

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Top Ten

Yes, I am a little late this week:

1) Ohio State
2) Auburn
3) Michigan
4) USC
5) Florida
6) Tennessee
7) West Virginia
8) California
9) Texas
10) Wisconsin

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Gubernatorial General Election Endorsments

Edited to correct a mistake on October 28 in the Propositions:

Here they are (aren't you thrilled?):

Governor - Schwarzenegger

Lt. Gov. - McClintock

Sec. of State - McPherson

Controller - Strickland

Treasurer - Parrish

A.G. - Poochigian

Insurance - Poizner

State Board #2 - Leonard

U.S. Senator - Mountjoy

U.S. Rep #26 - Dreier

State Assembly #59 - Adams

Supreme Court

Kennard (NO)
Corrigan (Yes)

Court of Appeal

Mallano (No)

Rothschild (No)

Boren (Yes)

Chavez (No)

Kitching (Yes)

Aldrich (Yes)

Epstein (No)

Willhite (Yes)

Manella (Yes)

Suzukawa (Yes)

Mosk (No)

Kriegler (Yes)

Gilbert (Yes)

Perluss (No)

Woods (Yes)

Zelon (No)

Cooper (No)

Flier (No)

Judge of the Superior Court

#8 - Henry

#18 - Mitchell

#102 - Zacky

#104 - None (I will not vote for the only candidate listed)

#144 - Stuart

State Measures

1A - Yes

1B through 1D - NO

1E - Yes

83 - Yes

84 - No

85 - Yes

86 - No

87 - No

88 - No

89 - No

90 - Yes

Monday, October 23, 2006


Catholics in the Public Square

Here's something to read from a Bishop in Arizona prior to voting... I wonder if the likes of Kerry, Schwarzenegger and Kennedy have perused it yet?


Friday, October 20, 2006


I pledge allegiance to Mexico?

Yes it can happen here, in the good ol' USA. An elementary school in Texas held a rally to "teach" about Mexican Independence day that included a volunteer reciting the pledge that some, though not all, students joined.

Then there is the story I saw today that residents of Texas send 5.2 BILLION dollars a year to Mexico... I am curious as to how many of those residents have legal status as I would have no problem with them doing whatever they wanted to with their legally obtained dollars.

Monday, October 16, 2006


North Korea

It is really quite simple: Initiate a policy of nuclear responsibility. Tell Pyjama Boy that any nuclear attack by any organization or country who got the nuke from North Korea will be treated as an attack by North Korea if it happens againts us or one of our allies. Should such an attack happen, North Korea will become radioactive.

That's what Reagan would do. Too bad we don't have a Reaganite in the White House now.


My top twenty

1) Ohio State
2) Auburn
3) Tennessee
4) California
5) Michigan
6) USC
7) Florida
8) Louisville
9) Clemson
10) Texas
11) Wisconsin
12) Notre Dame
13) Boise State
14) Rutgers
15) Oregon
16) Arkansas
17) Texas A&M
18) Nebraska
19) Boston College
20) Georgia Tech

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Saving Rick's

Okay, I know that pyjama-boy is causing problems on the international scene, but closer to home we are having a culinary crisis: Rick's may be forced out of business.

To do your share to help prevent this tragedy, click here!

Sunday, October 08, 2006


My top 10

1) Florida
2) Ohio State
3) Tennessee
4) U.S.C.
5) Michigan
6) California
7) West Virginia
8) Louisville
9) Auburn
10) Oregon

Friday, October 06, 2006


Vicente is at it again

Early this week, the president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, was whining about how the planned 700 mile wall was an insult to Mexico and was like the "Berlin Wall."

Let's tackle the latter point first. The Berlin Wall was built by the communist government of East Germany under the direction of the Soviet Union so that people from behind the Iron Curtain could not escape. Our wall is not designed to keep our people from escaping!

If he is insulted by the policy, why does he have a simliar anti-illegal immigration policy on his own southern border? Why hasn't the government of Mexico done a better job at addressing the economic problems of the country that encourages its citizens to leave?

If anyone should be insulted, it's us. But do you see the goofy left defending the honor of the U.S.? No! In California, the loony left is more interested in the fact that Governor Schwarzenegger (yesterday) stated that he thought too many immigrants coming from Mexico did not have a desire or plan to assimilate like he did when he came from Austria.

Do you really want Angelides and Pelosi in positions of power?


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