Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Death the Dutch Way

In yet another reason why we in the United States should be happy that the Eurocandidacy of John Kerry went down to defeat, one Dutch hospital has already announced that they are euthanizing babies.

Why do so many people look to Europe for "compassionate thought?"


Colored Lights

Settle down!

I am posting about the type of lights that I will put up (would have this past weekend if the wind wasn't an issue) in the next 10-12 days.

I am a colored light guy. So, it appears, are: my new love-to-hate radio personality Hugh Hewitt and the fantastic James Lileks (and, James, I still have a stand of the old-fashioned peeling light bulbs strand of lights).

They both cite a piece that refers to the level of sophistication of those people who put on only white lights during the Christmas season on their properties.


The white light fad started only a few years ago and makes houses look, well, lit-up as if they were having a special year-end sale. They were interesting the first year, but now I keep thinking about some close-out section at the local OSH store for the end-of-the-year hammock sale.

Now I do admit that white lights can certainly add to an overall theme especially here in Southern California where the only snow we see is usually confined to the mountains. But to see house after house adorned in white lights is to see, well, a bunch of houses in a row looking as if they are being seasonal in their home protection attempt. GET FESTIVE PEOPLE!

Now, I would be remiss if I did not admit to the fact that I do have some white lights in my decoration scheme. They are on the mechanical deers that I have (I bought two, and some time during the season last year, they give birth to a smaller third unlit one... go figure! I guess Darwin was wrong in that non-animated objects can reproduce). I have seen those framed-lit deers in a color scheme, and they look, well, stupid.

My only hope is that some coyote or mountain lion does not attack my deer and injure itself or else I might have a bunch of militant environmentalists picketing in the street in front of my house. Well, if that happens, they better bring a bunch of white lights or else they are going to get hit by a car or cars since I live on a dark street.

Advent has started - go to church!

May God Bless you all during this Christmas Season (and how about those Packers!).

Monday, November 29, 2004


Canada, Part II

It seems I offended the folks at blogger by questioning the motivation and facts of another blogger. Well, here I go again! Just before I was going to go to bed, the Canada Al removed my posts from his site, and added one of his own as can be found below.

Since I am trying to engage in a debate of ideas with someone who has such great animosity towards the United States, I randomnly chose Al's site.

Here is his latest post, entitled Armagedon

(italics added to differentiate his post from mine)

There are "signs" the lunatic right may be right, no matter how distasteful the idea may be to rational people. There are signs these may be the "last days." I, as an agnostic, would be the last one to discount any idea out of hand, even something as preposterous as this one.

"It is written" that everything is turned upside down in the "last days." Everything that was nonsense becomes sense. Everything that was unthinkable becomes the norm.

Not long ago the word Armageddon signified the worst possible thing that could be imagined, namely, the end of human civilization through nuclear holocaust. Today, it signifies, at least to the lunatic right, the best possible thing that can be imagined, namely, yes, the end of human civilization, but with this difference: After everyone else has perished, the lunatics would be lifted up unto heaven. It is a consummation devoutly desired.

There are corollaries to this new worldview. War is good, because peace and progress can never lead to the volcanic catharsis that would necessitate divine intervention. It is best to have insane leaders, because sane ones are not likely to make the "correct" decisions that will bring on the end and the new beginning.

This has been achieved. Bush wants war to bring on the Second Coming. Cheney wants it so his former company will profit by it, no matter how many hundreds of thousands of people get killed in the process. And the rest of the gang have simply sold their souls to the devil.

So maybe I should redefine the nature of the "last days." Maybe the last days do not have anything to do with divine intervention or lack thereof. Rather, maybe the last days have to do with a human race that has become so corrupt and selfish that it looks away from the misery of its fellows, consciously and knowingly. These may be the last days. But only because we have made them so.

I will be even briefer in my second attempt to address his new view of the Second Coming:

1) President Bush is a Methodist, and, as far as I know, they are not enraptrued by the rapture;
2) Cheney dumped his control and stock in Haliburton well before 9/11;
3) As the readings in the U.S. missal in the Roman Catholic Church stated this first weekend of Advent, no one knows when the time is coming.

I am hoping to convert (pun intended) my adversary to a point where he argues non-emotive facts instead of blind rants. I will probably tire of this soon, but if you don't feel free to try and comment both here and at Not the Country Club.

Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow!


There is No Free Speech at this anti-U.S. Canadian Blog

Check out Not the Country Club.

I have posted to comments to this person's blog citing countering views based on researched facts. The owner (Al?) has decided to remove them both instead of trying to cite or argue points other than from the position of emotional rant. You can see my name, but not my posts as they have been removed.

Feel free to try and debate this coward.

Unless you are offensive or threatening, you can always post at my blog even if I do not agree with you!

Long live the freedom of speech!

Sports Illustrated on line

The folks at SI caught themselves before I could get back on-line. I tried to rebut an article that was there at 3:00 p.m. PST that is not there at 8ish. The author was trying to argue that both Texas and Cal were fighting for the last spot in the BCS. Uh, no! If everyone wins out this weekend, Cal goes to the Rose Bowl in the last available slot. I guess they figured out before I could elevate myself to the top of the call-in show heap of people with nothing better to do (and I did, as always, have better things to do).


Constitutional Amendment on Marriage

Now the big push will come since the Supreme Court has correctly decided not to hear the appeal of those opposed to the MA Supreme Court decision to allow gay marriages in that state.

Marriage is a states' rights issue. FOR NOW.

I agree that an amendment is necessary since the Full Faith and Credit Clause will force other states to recognize those marriages even if those states do not allow them to take place within their borders.


Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee's Grande!

President Bush has nominated Mr. Gutierrez, the chairman of Kellogs, to the position of Secretary of Commerce. Gutierrez is a true American success story, learning English as a bell-hop and working his way up from delivery man to CEO of Kellogs.

My guess is that Democrats will be incensed since he is not a victim, and has shown determination in his life efforts. He is originally from Cuba, and has spent part of his life in Mexico. Perhaps this is the "Bush Affirmative-Action Plan": if you take action, you will be affirmed by the administration (and confirmed by the Senate) regardless of your ethnic background.

Sunday, November 28, 2004


Sunday Night

Not much time to write...

Took the squirrels to Knott's today; dressed them as princesses from the Disney collection this afternoon in a final (failed) attempt to get good pictures for the Christmas card; ran errands; and, there was too much wind last night, today, and until Tuesday to clean up the mess of leaves and mow the lawn so that I can put up the "pretty lights" as Kelly calls them. Perhaps I can get some of that done by the end of the week.

As for the silliness about USC running up the score, if the Trojans were guilty, blame the system and the East Coast bias that ripped votes from them last week when they did not even play. Grow up, people; it's a multi-million dollar system that the BCS has created.

Have the Fiesta Bowl officials taken poison yet? They are looking at a potential of Syracuse at 6-5 or, maybe, Pittsburgh at 8-3 versus Utah. Hopefully there will be a UTE-quake in Tempe.

The BCS officials are praying that there are no upsets this weekend. The Holiday Bowl, on the other hand, is hoping that SC loses so that Cal has to go to San Diego. Right now, it looks like the Holiday Bowl is stuck with an ASU team that just lost to a terrible Arizona team and the former has lost its QB for the year. Assuming there are no radical changes this week, ASU will play a mediocre Texas A&M team. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

And how about them Tigers? Occidental Tigers, that is. I think the Elite Eight is as far as any SCIAC team has gone in the playoffs, and they did it by winning on the road against Concordia-MN 42-40. Next up is the tough Lindfield team up in Oregon at noon on Satuday.

Saturday, November 27, 2004



In the coming weeks, I will rant, write, ponder, issue screeds, etc. about tradition. One of my constant complaints is that those of us who suffer in the blue states also suffer from an erosion of solid traditions. Although the tradition about which I am to write may sound trivial to some, my position is that it is very much an American tradition worthy of a place at the "table" of traditions established in the American Century - the 20th Century (and, no, I do not think that the 21st Century will not be the American Century, Part II, but it certainly is possible that it will not be... more later).

U.S.C. v. Notre Dame

As a former (and, perhaps, future) football coach, I am pleased that Pete Carrol and the U.S.C. staff and players are focused on the end goal of the year: the National Championship. However, football is like a marathon on an uneven surface, and one needs to know how to pace oneself. I am not sure that Carrol understands the terrain of this particular course yet as he still seems to coach each game as if he was in the N.F.L. for the long haul. It appears that they may be down playing today's contest too much. I read in a newspaper today that many of the players seem to think that the Cal and Arizona State games were bigger. I can certainly understand the hype that may have lead to that feeling, but someone should remind the Trojans (including the staff) of two things:

1) It's Notre Dame;

2) Notre Dame beat Tennessee AT Tennessee this year.

As for #1, the alums of Ol' SC circle, highlight, and underline the date of this game every year. I would guess that most of them (including me) are really ticked off that this is not our last game in this even numbered year (As long as we are tampering with tradition, let's bring back La Tech for our last game after U.C.L.A. in odd numbered years... I AM JOKING). Carrol really down played the game in today's paper, but he needs to realize that it is much bigger than any other game year-after-year (U.C.L.A is a close second) if he wants to keep his job.

But does he want to keep his job?

I know that Julie's is gone and that the 9-0 has been shut down, but Carrol should have least thrown a bone to the alums by saying something like the following, "Hey. it's Notre Dame. A sold-out Coliseum against a team that knocked off Tennessee at home. I'm looking forward to the challenge and taking another HUGE step towards the national championship game in January."

But, no; Carrol was like the players who downplayed the game.

The website has even downplayed the game as of Friday night, as the main athletic site has no focus on the game, and the football page's top story is on parking and a free-shuttle service from the Staples parking lot.

If you are a Notre Dame player, you are insulted. Let's face it, I AM INSULTED.

Also: this team is not as good as the team was last year after nine games. The secondary is suspect, and the offensive line is questionable. This game, on the national stage, will determine whether or not they have finally met expectations for this year or not. If they cover the 22 point spread against Notre Dame (and if they beat U.C.L.A. without any questionable calls), then the Trojans deserve to be in the national title game... in the Rose Bowl.

Can U.S.C. win? YES!
Should U.S.C. win? YES!

Methinks I should bet the dog.

Ahhh... but that tradition survived by luck last year.

In other news....

What the heck happened to ASU? Answer: They are the second most overrated team in the nation (Wisconsin is #1).
Texas should not be ranked higher than Utah or Louisville.

Here is my top ten (as if you cared):

1) U.S.C.
2) California
3) Utah
4) Oklahoma
5) Auburn
6) Louisville
7) Texas
8) Georgia
9) Iowa
10) Tennessee

And since Tradition seems not to matter in College Football, here are the way the bowl games should go as of this morning in my pseudo-tradition mode (that blows off lower rated conference winners):

Rose: U.S.C. vs. Cal (5:00 p.m. PST 1/1/05)
Fiesta: Utah vs. Texas (1:00 p.m. PST 1/1/05)
Orange: Oklahoma vs. Georgia (9:00 a.m. PST 1/1/05)
Sugar: Auburn vs. Louisville (5:00 p.m. PST 12/31/04)
Cotton (or whatever the next highest paying game is): Iowa vs. Tennessee (5:00 p.m. PST 12/30/04)

Holiday Bowl: Boise State vs. Iowa State (assuming they beat MO today)

How about bringing back the no-repeat rule for the Rose Bowl this year??????? Cal-Iowa, anyone???


Let's start a new tradition since my the old one (I prefer the old bowl system) is dead and using BCS standings:

1 plays 2 in a rotating scheme of four bowls (Rose, Sugar, Fiesta, Orange)
In years that 1 v 2 is not in the Rose Bowl, the RB gets 3 v 4 unless it chooses otherwise.
5 v 6 and 7 v 8 would rotate through the remaining bowls unless they want to trade teams based on location and "tradition."

9, 10, 11, 12 would be divided between the Cotton and Holiday Bowls (rotate and/or base on location of school).

Friday, November 26, 2004


Lies Down Under (Democracy Guerillas)

Conservatives in America complain about bias from the left. The same is true in Australia. But rarely is the anti-American bias as bad as it is in this Sydney Morning Herald article of November 27 (whose editors are still bitter about Latham's loss):

With their websites and stickers, pranks and slogans, the democracy guerillas of the Ukrainian Pora youth movement have already notched up a famous victory - whatever the outcome of the stand-off in Kiev.

Ukraine, traditionally passive in its politics, has been mobilised by the young democracy activists and will never be the same again.

But while the gains of the orange-bedecked "chestnut revolution" are Ukraine's, the campaign is an American creation, a sophisticated and brilliantly conceived exercise in Western branding and mass marketing that, in four countries in four years, has been used to try to salvage rigged elections and topple unsavoury regimes.

Funded and organised by the US Government, deploying US consultancies, pollsters, diplomats, the two big American parties and US non-government organisations, the campaign was first used in Europe in Belgrade in 2000 to beat Slobodan Milosevic at the ballot box.

Richard Miles, the US ambassador in Belgrade, played a key role. And last year, as US envoy in Tbilisi, he repeated the trick in Georgia, coaching Mikhail Saakashvili in how to bring down Eduard Shevardnadze.

Ten months after the success in Belgrade, the US ambassador in Minsk, Michael Kozak, a veteran of similar operations in central America, organised a near identical campaign against Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus. That one failed.

The experience gained in Serbia, Georgia and Belarus has been invaluable in plotting to beat the regime of Leonid Kuchma in Kiev.

The operation - engineering democracy through the ballot box and civil disobedience - is now so slick that the methods have matured into a template for winning other people's elections.

In the centre of Belgrade, there is a dingy office staffed by computer-literate youngsters who call themselves the Centre for Non-Violent Resistance. If you want to know how to beat a regime that controls the mass media, the judges, the courts, the security apparatus and the voting stations, the young Belgrade activists are for hire.

They emerged from the anti-Milosevic student movement, Otpor, meaning resistance. The catchy, single-word branding is important. In Georgia last year, the parallel student movement was Khmara. In Belarus, it was Zubr. In Ukraine, it is Pora, meaning high time. Otpor also had a potent, simple slogan that appeared everywhere in Serbia in 2000 - the words "gotov je" ("he's finished"), a reference to Milosevic. A logo of a black-and-white clenched fist completed the masterful marketing.

In Ukraine, the logo is a ticking clock, signalling that the Kuchma regime's days are numbered.

Stickers, spray-paint and websites are the activists' weapons. Irony and street comedy mocking the regime puncture public fear and enrage the powerful.

US pollsters and consultants are hired to organise focus groups and plot strategy. The usually fractious oppositions have to be united behind one candidate if there is to be any chance of unseating the regime. That leader is selected on pragmatic grounds, even if he or she is anti-American.

The other key element is the "parallel vote tabulation", a counter to the election-rigging tricks of disreputable regimes.

There are professional outside election monitors from bodies such as the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe, but thousands of local election monitors are also trained and paid by Western groups.

Exit polls are critical because they seize the initiative in the propaganda battle, invariably appearing first, receiving wide coverage and putting the onus on the authorities to respond.

And after Kiev?

Keep an eye on Moldova and the authoritarian countries of central Asia.

Heavens! I would think that the United States was anti-Democracy unlike that pseudo-tsar Putin.

As in the post above (written before this one, but dated for the game) states, tradition is important. Yes, I know that the tradition of football does not compare to the tradition of democracy. But the SMH is treating OUR involvement in promoting democracy as somehow evil by listing this leftist rant as a news article.

The Gramscians have clearly taken over at the SMH.

Thursday, November 25, 2004



Enjoy your day just as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln did. And then there is Ronald Reagan's farewell speech, which is a true example of American thanks.

As for me:

I give thanks to God that I was born and raised in the Faith of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

I give thanks to God for my wife, my family, and my two little girls.

I give thanks to God for all my blessings.

Finally, I give thanks to God that I was born in the United States of America so that I may freely hear all of the criticisms launched at me and my Christian brothers of all faiths from our enemies and some of our so-called allies.

Values, Christian values, played the final role in the re-election of George W. Bush. We are not a perfect nation, but our value system, embedded in our Constitution, continually prods and forces us to do what is right. What other major nation has more of a responsibility to be a beacon of Judeo-Christian values, freedom, and tolerance than one that was founded on the freedom of will granted to it by Providence? The answer: none.

I give thanks that other nations strive, not to be like us, but to share in our fundamental commitments to freedom and morality.

May God bless all of you today and always...


God Bless America!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Liberal Blog World Reviews

Oh my...

My oldest sister (heck, is that politcally correct) since me an e-mail the other day that was supposedly from a liberal in New York City who voted for Kerry. Supposedly, this woman was writing to "Red" America (heck, I HATE that term as Red is associated with communism) to introduce herself as a flag-waving American who was "realistic." I could not read the who letter. Well, part of the reason was that I really couldn't since there was an error in transmission. But I would have given up since she was trying to convicne me (the letter writer that is) that she had come to grips with the fact that there were gay people.

Hmmm... when was the last time that the Republican Party advocated the prosecution of gay people as a plank of its national platform?

The letter of the NY liberal (that I could read) was another example of moral relativism.

At least she was not condescending, and she was trying to be civil. I don't mind a bit of sass (heck, it makes arguing fun), but at least she did not go over the line (okay, I could comment, but I won't).

Check out these blogs: some are hate-filled, some are thoughtful, and some are "I am a victim," but all are liberal:

Not the Country Club (thank the heavens!)
Keep it really real son
School Sux (please don't transfer to my school site!)
bad with titles (Reactionary American Indian blog... maybe just reactionary)
Undeniably Rosie (undeniably clueless about FDR's folly and economics in general)
Live from Vijay

These blogs are indicative of the rants I hear at my job and in my community.

But even liberals have hearts (if not social skills) when one of their partners is with child:
Drown (ok, this picture is actually pro life even if the rest of the site is heinous liberal in tone)


Bob Graham - 90 Miles from Home

Well, it took me a few hours but I finally found someone to take the "Boris Crown" away from Hugh Hewitt (who has been reduced to bitter ex-Catholic): Bob Graham (but only for tonight since Hewitt will probably launch his War of the Roses on Friday).

The former (a reason to give thanks tomorrow) Senator from Florida has gone off the deep-end in the promotion of his new book Intelligence Matters (and the Amazon website is slashing prices for it) by giving a phone interview to Mother Jones. This is a man who has put a target on his forehead asking to be hit over the head with a loaded Salvation Army red bucket (but not communist red... settle down!).

Here is one of his gems: "Our new adversaries, however, speak languages that we hardly understand and come from cultures where we’re even more ignorant."


They hate us, they hate our culture, and they want to kill us. Let me be clear: not all Muslims are terrorists, but the vast majority of terrorists today are Muslim. The first people that "they" would line up and shoot or behead would be the folks at Mother Jones and those who give them interviews (yes, I know, I am next in line, or first since I cannot run too fast).

Another of Graham's insightful points: "In terms of a shorter-term thing, the United States is the most diverse nation on earth, and we have significant numbers of people from almost every ethnic and cultural background. There are, for instance, approximately seven million Americans whose heritage is from the Arab Middle East. It has been very difficult to date to get people with that heritage cleared to serve in the intelligence services; there is almost a profiling that has kept them out. I think we need to develop new ways of evaluating the patriotism and credibility of Arab Americans so that we can take advantage of people who are more likely to have a knowledge of the languages and an understanding of the cultures of our principal threat areas today."

Yo, Bob! Approximately 70% of our population is (dare I type it) WHITE, with a Judeo-Christian background. Until the mid-1960s, the focus of this country was on assimilation of immigrants to the culture.

What the heck do you mean by "a sort of profiling." If you are going to slam our security, be specific. It appears that you do not even know what is going on in your own state!

Of course it is equally irritating that Graham accepts the thesis of the following question as posed by Mother Jones as true: "MJ.com: When did you first realize that the administration was shifting its focus away from Al Qaeda and Afghanistan and toward Iraq instead?" Graham's response, that includes his leftist view of General Franks' (Ret.) role, accepts the thesis that the is no Global War on Terror, and that we are unable to conduct a war against more than onethird-world terrorist nation at a time. How defeatist is that?

And then there is the new B1-Bob dropping bombs on the Bush Administration by calling him a liar in a politically polite way:
"BG: I would say it was the willingness of the intelligence agencies to be co-opted for political reasons. As early as the spring of 2002, the White House had called CIA representatives down to begin preparing what would be a public document to make the case that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, weapons that could be used on an immediate basis and therefore required pre-emptive action to eliminate. When we got into the hearings on that issue in the August/September period of 2002, we were aware that what the intelligence community was telling us privately was not the same as what they were telling the American people publicly; that conditions and limitations that were being given in a closed session were eliminated in the public documents. Comments on Saddam Hussein’s actual willingness to use weapons of mass destruction -- assuming he had them -- were much more restricted in private briefings than what the administration was releasing to the American people. That was one of the reasons I voted against the authorization to go to war when it came before the Senate in early October of 2002."

It reads as if Graham has Michael Moore on the other line listening in, and that Moore is feeding Graham the "correct" (I initially wrote "right") response.

Oh, it gets worse:

"MJ.com: How can the government shift focus back to Al Qaeda and terrorism?

BG: Well, that’s a very good question to which there is no good answer. We’ve gotten ourselves so bogged down in the quagmire of Iraq that we’ve allowed our principal enemies to regroup, to recruit thousands of new terrorists, to diversify into a much more flexible and nimble organization."

Translation: it's all our fault.

To be fair, I have to give Mother Jones some credit (and they may have fired Jeff Fleischer by now) since he asked questions that seem to think that Al Qadea and Syria might actually be guilty of something that is not the direct result of U.S. oppression. But my guess is that the editors will rectify/clarify that soon.

Maybe ol' Bob is upset that he was not a part of the 9/11 commission. Who knows? MJ never asked that question.


Hugh "Get Squirrel and Moose" Hewitt

As I was walking across the campus this morning I noticed that our new electronic message board had one of those old fashioned bowling ball type bombs exploding into the words "Happy Thanksgiving." It was one of those renditions of a cartoon bomb that one would expect Boris to be launching at "squirrel and moose" on his futile and stupid cause of wiping them out (although it is obvious that the charities involved are both fine ones to support).

Hugh Hewitt has quickly become the modern day version of Boris as he is now launching silly bombs in a consipracy theory fashion at St. Jude and children with cancer.

I had to read his blog three times this morning in attempt to convince myself that he does deserve a black hat and coat. Unfortunately, he should don those items immediately so long as he continues in his buffoonish and somewhat vindictive ways.

In the type of dismissive parlance I expect from condescending liberals, he states that St. Jude is a "fine research hospital" whose new fundraising campaign has the support of corporate America (okay) and (cue ominous music) "Hollywood Elites."

Now anyone on the right-side of the political spectrum knows that there is no greater current term to use to slam someone or some cause than to say they are associated with "Hollywood Elites." Hewitt knows this. I can only come to the conclusion that it is an intentional attempt to the posion the water in this debate.

Hewitt does further damage to the reputation of St. Jude Hospital by understating its mission and its reason for existence. Here are his words:

'Did St. Jude insist on the exiling of Salvation Army as a condition of Target's participation in the big roll out of this glitzy new campaign? Is St. Jude considered a 'safe charity,' secular with a sectarian name, and fun to be associated with given the glamour of the Hollywood affiliates?

Research into pediatric cancer is indeed a noble cause, but did St. Jude muscle out - intentionally or unintentionally - the dowdy old, very Christian Salvation Army with its unglamorous business of feeding drunks and clothing homeless?'"

(italics added to differentiate Hewitt's words from mine).

Hewitt's screed is offensive on many levels: 1) His unfounded smear, posed as a question, about the possibility that St. Jude "exiled" the Salvation Army is beyond the pale; 2) Since when is "St. Jude" a secterian name or completely secular charity? Danny Thomas, in honor of St. Jude's interecession and God's positive blessings, did what any good Roman Catholic would do in his situation when he made a public show of his thanks for the intercession by founding the hospital. I realize that Mr. Hewitt has left the Roman Catholic Church, but he knows better. 3) His misrepresentation of the total cause that is St. Jude hospital is appalling. All patients are accepted at St. Jude regardless of their ability to pay. The efforts and cause of St. Jude hospital is both catholic (universal) and Catholic (Christian).

Maybe Mr. Hewitt should check his facts before he launches his bombs.

For those of us who are thinking clearly, you can donate to the Salvation Army and St. Jude hopsital.

If you are interested in prayer's to St. Jude, click here, and for more information on St. Jude as well as the Dominican Shrine in Chicago, please click here.

(edited at 11:00 a.m.)

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Rather's Replacement

Maybe CBS can replace Dan Rather on the Evening News with the head of the fabulous Jihadunspun.com. Only at this website may you find the truth about the U.S. dumping the bodies of its own soldiers into rivers.

These fanatics make Rather's Air National Guard memo story look responsible!

When I clicked on the link to find more about this site, I got a message: FATAL ERROR. It may be fixed now, but the irony was not lost on me.


No more Mea Culpas

What do Ron "where the camera at" Artest of the NBA and Mark Latham of the somewhat loyal opposition Labor Party of Australia have in common? Answer: they both are in love with blaming someone else for their failures and mistakes.

What is interesting to note is that the commonality of these two men, who seem to be living in two different cultures, is that they are both unhappy but willing residents of the culture of victimhood propogated by years of leftist nonsense. Any apparent differences are not in the roots of the culture but in the branches.

Latham has recently lashed out at other members of his party for their large defeat to the Liberal (which is actually consevative - go figure) Party of Australia. Maybe some of Latham's claims are true, but it appears no one in Labor wants to take responsibility for anything especially Latham.

Artest is worried about being "dissed." In his recent interview with NBC, he makes light of his past acts of thuggery. He shouldn't be pleased with what happened to him, but a better man would have walked away and let the officials and security men handle the situation. His selfish response has damaged his team.

Many commentators have indicated that there is some sort of "hip-hop" culture that breeds this type of response. If true that could be the branch on which this fruit of liberalism sprouted. If that is the case, the fertilizer is the closely related venue of trash-talk sports radio which is also part of the anything goes mentality of liberalism in that standards and decency are almost irrelevant. Individual desires and opinions seem to outweigh any responsibility to anyone else whether it be your group of friends or your teammates.

Now, Michael Phelps, the olympic swimmer, made a mistake; but, he has taken responsibility for it. Unfortunately, he is the exception to the rule. None of us condone the mistake, but we should recognize him for doing the right thing in the aftermath. His is an example we can all follow since we all make mistakes.

One commentator on ESPN (I wish I had seen more so I could cite his name) this weekend argued that Jackie Robinson took much more unfair and racially motivated abuse and always behaved like a gentleman and a role model. Robinson behaved correctly even when a good portion of society did not. His example is one all of us should follow including this blogger.

Monday, November 22, 2004


In AND of this World: Christ the King Feast Day

Hugh Hewitt is a man with whom I have love-hate relationship.

I think he is a Machiavellian-Christian. Anyone who has studied Machiavelli realizes that the man is not amoral nor immoral as many casual observers paint him to be. Rather, Machiavelli is a man who understood how the world and political leaders worked, and wrote a brief tome on how a practical man should behave if he wanted to retain power (but when considered as a part of his entire work he seems less dastardly).

I must admit that I have never read nor even touched Mr. Hewitt's In But Not Of due to the content of his radio show since I think his radio show exposes his "in and in" the world attitude. When I tag Mr. Hewitt with the "Machiavellian" label, it is based on all the works of Machiavelli. Thus, the label of Machiavellian-Christian is accurate and a constructivism criticism.

Let me give you a recent example of his Machiavellian-Christianity:

In but in: Arlen Specter is okay - abortions are okay! Bad tort laws are okay! Bad workmans-comp laws are okay!

In but not of: Target is bad for not letting the Salvation Army collect during the Christmas season.

Pro-growth, pro-tort refrom and ANTI-ABORTIONISTS all came out against Specter becoming the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Hewitt was for it for "long term" reasons. Translation: Machiavellian reasons.

His anti-Target nonsense seems to be for short-term gain. He claims otherwise citing the birth of Our Savior, but I was raised Roman Catholic, and I can remember my mother telling me that we did not put money in those kettles because our OWN church did "the same work here and around the world" like Catholic Charities. Of course that charity is part of the Roman Catholic Church that Mr. Hewitt has left. The Salvation Army, which can find it roots in the Methodist Church, is very evangelical which caters to the whims of Mr. Hewitt these days.

Mr. Hewitt probably feels victorious since Specter has agreed to back Bush's nominees. BUT, Specter only did that after those of us who are not like Hewitt complained... as real Conservative Christians who understand that there are certain issues that are non-negotiable when clear alternatives are offered.

Mr. Hewitt is not the conservative Christian that many of his brethren in the evangelical movement thinks he is.

Think about this:

Today, in the Roman Catholic Church, was the feast of Christ the King.

I'll make it easy for y'all:

The gospel was about the two felons, crucified, dying in pain on either side of Jesus. The first to comment taunted Jesus just as the Roman Soldiers were doing claiming that if He, Jesus, was the King of the Jews, He should prove it.

The second criminal chastised the first, telling him that the man beside them, Jesus, was not guilty of anything whereas the two criminals were guilty. Dismas (traditionally San Dimas here in Southern California) was afforded the chance to repent. Some may feel that he was lucky.


But Saint Dimas was nailed to cross to die just as Christ was.

He took responsibility for his immoral actions that affected others.

Should the rest of us gamble our souls and silence ourselves for "long-term" political gains if it means the death of milliions?

The voices of conservative-Christians (Catholics and non-Catholics alike) forced Senator Spector to change his tune.

Hewitt did not help us accomplish this goal.

Folks like Katherine Lopez at least tried!

(Originally posted at 9:00 p.m. on 11/22)

Sunday, November 21, 2004


Football Saturday on Sunday

(First section originally posted at 3:25 p.m. on Saturday, November 20)

Just came back from watching my former team, Occidental, upset Willamette in the first round of the NCAA III playoffs in Eagle Rock, 28-14. The biggest series came at the beginning of the fourth quarter. Occidental interecepted a pass at near their own goal line, but the offense proceeded to fumble the ball! Oxy held on four downs, the air went out of the Willamette baloon.

As I write this, Wisconsin is not taking advantage of the favor that Ohio State has provided them with the latter's victory over Michigan. Come on Badgers!

Stop reading this and go watch some great football!


As of late Sunday!

Now what do I do with those extra RB tickets? Well, I think I can sell two of them next door to the Maize and Blue house (no, really, they painted it maize and blue with a white trim years ago).

I can only hope that SC does not go into the tank. I NEED Cal. Saying, or typing, that hurts me except for the fact that I am now totally pro Pac-10 since the Badgers have gone into an exhibit at the Great Lakes Aquarium. At least I got some good video of the urchins when I was there last June.

The second worst possible scenario is having SC win out and Cal blowing the make up game a la UCLA v. Miami a few years back. Had Wisconsin beaten Iowa, I would have predicted a Cal tank aginst Southern Miss. Thankfully, Southern Miss is coming off a bad loss at at the hands of a bad TCU team and it still has to play UAB. Cal should blow these people out.

But what happens if Cal's head coach leaves for Florida before that? With the apparent hiring of Spurrier at the eastern S.C., Florida needs to find a hot coach. Tedford fits the bill.

Of course it is in Tedford's best interest to to clamp down on all of this talk until after this weekend's SC-ND game.

Let's assume for a minute that SC loses this week but still beats UCLA. Cal will be in the top three and will go to the Fiesta Bowl to play Utah if there is any justice in the world. What if Tedford swings a deal to keep Zook as titular OC at Florida? The anti-Zook forces are feeling a bit chagrined as of late, and the man is very popular with the players and RECRUITS! The last thing Florida needs is Zook landing at South Carolina and taking some key state of Florida recruits with him. Even if Cal wins and finishes at #4, I just don't see things changing much in my scenario.

Of course, I'd love to see Tedford out of the Pac-10 recruiting wars. But let's be honest, he would make a TON more money at pro-football Florida than he ever could at pro-Title IX Cal.


Then there is UNLV

Now who should UNLV hire?

I have to tip my hat to J-Rob. Although his last couple of years were not great, the team is no longer a joke. His upgrading of the facilities for football has made this job a true diamond in the rough situation for anyone who can recruit on the West coast and can bring a decent track record and a brand of exciting football to THE excitement town.

Answer: Bob Toledo

Now the other rumor is Mike Sandford, and no offense to him as I think he is a darn good coach, UNLV needs a name of someone who has shown that he has won at a high level. Toledo's record is not perfect. But he is not J-Rob in retiremnt mode in his second stint at USC. Everything I have heard is that Toledo wants an another chance to win, but he realizes that a mid-major is his stepping stone back to a major team (perhaps TX A&M, but I am getting ahead of myself). I just don't see him taking the Al Borges option (whom he should have given more control to, but that is another story).

Now what should he do for his staff?

I am partial to Bob Moran at Pasadena C.C. as O.C., but I am not sure that he would be a good fit right away. Toledo needs to realize that he needs a true O.C. who he can influence but not control. Toledo needs to be an H.C. Folks like Pete Carol are rare in college football today, and by his actions at UCLA, Toledo has shown he is not quite that type of dual coach.

So, let Moran coach receivers.

Hire Gary Bernardi as O.C. and Tackles-T.E. coach. They worked well together in Westwood, and Gary KNOWS recruiting in the west.

Keep Steve Johns as Recruitng Coordinator and linebacker coach.

Hire Ron Smeltzer from a local L.V. high school who also has serious pro coaching on his resume.

Hire Harry Justvig away from Dixie College in St. George, UT (given the location, need I say more?) and put him where you need him. His resume is impressive.

As for the rest of the staff, I have a bunch of brilliant ideas including hiring me. But the only one I would put above me is Chris Caminiti at Occidental. Now if that blows you away, he has a ring from the Patriots of last year after spending two years as Director of Football Operations and general coach/scout/go-to-guy. Actually, Chris should be the first hire since he spent a year at UNLV as a GA a few years back under Robinson.

Gee... Do you think I know all of these guys?

I could fill out the staff of who ever they hire with perfect fits for the school including most, if not all, of the current staff. But, every HC needs his own guys... I think that the above mentioned men WOULD BE his loyal own guys.

Friday, November 19, 2004


T.R. and W

I keep hearing and reading about how dastardly George W. Bush is. Frequently I hear people complain that he is abusing the office of the Presidency, and we all remember the goofballs at moveon.org who compared him to Hitler.

As I have written in this space before, I cannot agree with everything that Bush has done. I don't think there is any president that has a perfect record. But given the grand issues of the day, I think it might be noteworthy to reflect back on the presidency of Teddy Roosevelt while viewing the current presidency of George W. Bush.

T.R. was the first president of modern times to really transform the presidency into an activist institution that was involved directly and decisively in both domestic and foreign affairs. Bush is simply staying true to that part of the Republican legacy of our country.

As for those people who just cannot seem to "understand" why Bush was re-elected, I think that Bush shares the support of the "plain-folk" first described by Abraham Lincoln and cited by Roosevelt:

"It is a particular gratification to me to have owed my election... above all to Abraham Lincoln's 'plain people;' to the folks who work hard on the farm, in the shop, or on the railroad, or who own little stores, little businesses... I would literally, not figuratively, rather cut off my right hand than forfeit by any improper act of mine the trust and regard of these people."

What will be interesting to see is how Bush's new Republican progressivism will fare in the next four years. His push on immigration issues (that is not a favorite of mine), his desire to reform the broken tort system, his view of America as a beacon and promoter of liberty and representative democracy, his ideas about reforming the currently doomed Social Security pension system, and his apparent new push to find charitable and private sector ways to tackle the health care issues of our country all place him in the T.R. school of Republicanism. However, Bush seems content to lead only on some, but not all, of these issues and allow the individuals outside of government, the citizens, do the heavy lifting which is more of a reflection of Reaganism.

Perhaps history will regard Bush as having received his B.A. degree from the T.R. school and his M.A. from Reagan's. Only time will tell if a Ph.D. is in the offing as well, or, perhaps, he will skip right into forming his own school for future Republican presidents.


Re-Targeting Target

Hugh Hewitt is still blowing the Target controversy up to be more than it should be.

He responds to James Lileks reasoned post about the whole matter as follows with my answers to his answers in bold:

But this time he fails to grasp the central nettle. James argues this is one battle in an endless series of battles that are just better not fought. I disagree. It is a unique battle (like the Boy Scout battle) and one that deserves more than a check and a resignation to forces greater and more complicated than ourselves.

The season we are on the cusp of celebrating is uniquely a religious season. It has its origin in the journey of a poor and homeless family who were given shelter, and in the entry of grace and mercy into human history in the form of Christ. The Salvation Army is uniquely a mission to the homeless and the poor - the lost and the least. They are not just another charity, and it is not just any old time of year.

I answer that (how Aquinian of me, smirk) even in light of the good that they do, the Salvation Army is just another charity. As a matter of fact, there are many charities that are designed to and actually help the downtroden as well as the addicted such as those of the Roman Catholic Church including Catholic Charities U.S.A.. In fact, the Salvation Army finds it roots in the Methodist church, and one can argue that the Salvation Army is an offshoot of the Methodist Church. Why should Target be forced to favor one particular Christian Church over another in such a public fashion?

Further, Target is a company grown wealthy on the season we celebrate. For retailers, Christmas is the mother lode, the 25% in 30 days that makes all they year seem merry. How indifferent to the source of their wealth that Target would insult the spirit of Christmas.

I answer that Hewitt is being downright silly on this point as even he posted yesterday that Target does give to charities, and by posting Lileks bleat on the subject, Hewitt shows that Target actually has an advertised charity on its website that helps children. Target is not at all indifferent.

Finally, one other reason the Target exiling of the red kettles has grated is that it of course brings to mind Dickens' A Christmas Carol, where Scrooge's greed and self-absorption blinded him to the need all around him. He grudgingly gave Cratchet a day off, but the ghost of Christmas future made it clear what end was in store for a life of churlish indifference to need.

I answer that this is way-off base as stated in my previous answer. It appears that the idea of a crusade is more important to Mr. Hewitt than the idea of acting upon all the relevant facts.

So, James, I hope you reconsider - not in your own shopping habits, but in the weighing of this controversy as the equal of other consumer complaints. It isn't "just another boycott."

I answer that it is just another boycott, and a silly one to boot for the aforementioned reasons. By the way, the CD player I picked up at Target yesterday works just fine, thank you.

Thursday, November 18, 2004


Targeting Target

Yesterday's Boston Globe reported that Target stores will not allow the Salvation Army to have its bell-ringers and kettles displayed at the entrances to the stores.

Folks in the blogosphere, like Hugh Hewitt are throwing a collective hissy fit although James Lileks has his head screwed on correctly.

So far I have not seen anyone give sufficient credit to Target for its generous contributions to many programs including its St. Jude Hospital program for the holidays that is prominently displayed on its website.

Grow up, people. If you want to support the Salvation Army, cut them a check or donate online.

As for me, I will be making a purchase of an electronic appliance at the Target store in West Covina this afternoon.

edited at 12:16 p.m.


The God of Islam V. the God of Christianity

This past Sunday, the following announcement was placed in the parish bulletin of my Roman Catholic Church:

For Your Knowledge

Today marks the end of the Ramadan fast for our Muslim brothers and sisters - 6 million of them living in the United States. The month of fasting, which began October 16, has been a time for purification, a time to regroup their lives around their true religious principles of peaceful, compassionate living. These are not to be confused with the terrorists - our true Muslim brothers and sisters are looking to live a live in union with the same God we Christians worship.

I can only assume that the individual responsible for the placement of this blurb in the parish bulletin meant well. I think that most average American Muslims of the pre-9/11 sort are like most average American Christians in that they are happy to live in and industrialized country that provides a good opportunity for them and their family AND allows them to worship as they please without any real harrasment. On a personal level, that would be a fair description of the Muslims I have associated with since I was a small child. Unfortunately, the person responsible for this notice in the bulletin appears to be a victim of wishful thinking. Even if 9/11 had never happened, they are theologically wrong. But they are simply repeating the mantra of the MSM who seem to be having a difficult time with the whole "values thing."

Here's why:

Muslims do not worship the same God as Christians worship. People who want to excuse the excesses of Islam go to great lengths to point this "fact" out even though it makes absolutely NO sense.

Muslims do not believe in the Trinity!!!!! Therefore, they do not believe in the same God as Christians. The Islamic view of God is as unique as the Mormon view, but neither are the same as the Christian view of the Trinity! Muslims believe that Jesus was a messenger of God and not divine.

Islam teaches that the "prophet" Muhammed was taken up to heaven body and soul (just like Mary) from a spot in Jerusalem...

And Heaven? Various descriptions can be found here, and here. And I am being nice since the whole concept of dozens of virgins waiting for the righteous martyr is repulsive.

Preaching tolerance while promoting the Judeo-Christian values of the United Sates is a good thing as you have read in previous posts. However, the effect of the aforementioned bulletin message furthers the cause of the Gramscian multi-culturalists who hate America even though I doubt that was the intent of the individual who placed the message.

Originally posted at 8:35 p.m. on November 17

Wednesday, November 17, 2004



According to the Webster's Student Dictionary that rests in my lap, the definition of "insurgent" is as follows: a person who takes part in an uprising against an established government.

The MSM loves calling the terrorists in Iraq "insurgents." Chris Matthews goes even further by saying that they are not "bad guys" but folks who happen "to disagree" with us.

To view the terrorists as anything but that is to misunderstand them which can be a deadly mistake.


Dana Rohrbacher is seeking a change in a core definition in the U.S. Constitution. He is proposing that any foreign-born but naturalized citizen of the United States who has lived here for 20 years should be eligible to be president.

This is a bad idea.

The commander-in-chief should not have a hint of any type of foreign allegiance due to birth. His or her allegiance should be to the United States of America. To gamble with this for short-term political gain is a grave mistake.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Politically Incorrect and Irritating

When Chancellor Gee allowed his Ohio State (West Virginia & Colorado) angst catch up with him last year in his position as chancellor of Vanderbilt (where his pseudo-leftist Brown "intellect" finally took over), I was irate. I stopped supporting the school and its athletic department. Even though this idiot kept the current A.D. in an advisory role (as the former abolished the athletic department), his idea of making a statement about the role of athletics in an academic environment meant that the A.D. really wasn't that any more.

What an absolute idiot. It is VANDERBILT!!!! When was the last time that Vandy had a problem with the NCAA or graduating students at a high rate that meant anything? Gee's Ohio State hangover pained all of us.

But time, supposedly, heals all wounds. Since Vanderbilt is my "college" in that all of my so-called normal college experiences happened there (living in the dorms, working on the school paper and radio station, etc.), my bitterness subsided quickly since I really wanted to support the atheletes there since they are truly STUDENT-athletes.

So I made a small donation hoping to get the weekly athletic (department) newspaper that covered all sports, but specifically covered football and basketball.

I feel like Lady Macbeth after opening today's mail. How can I wash this out?

What is it?

The new magazine of the Gee error:

Commodore Nation

Just like Raider Nation... (shivering)

To make it worse, the cover is of three happy male SOCCER players!

Good Heavens, even Harvard (the Vanderbilt of the North) takes football more seriously at the I-AA level!

Here are the headlines on the cover for the November edition:

Team has won more games
than past two years combined
-and the season is only half over
*Women's Soccer Elevates Game for SEC Play
*Cutler Gains Ground on Career Records
*Bowling Added as Varsity Sport
*Magic Shakes It Up with Protein


Gee has reduced Vandy to being a Kerry-esque world cup school.

Bowling? And WOMEN'S bowling to boot! Now, I have no problem with the sanctioned sport, but to put it on the November cover and ignore men's basketball is to neuter the athletic department... oh, oops, Gee already did that!

The only football article deals with Cutler, but you would not necessarily know that he was an AMERICAN football player based on the title and its location under two soccer headlines.

Gee simply does not care about the potential revenue sharing sports that can PROMOTE student-athletes. He should take a look at U.S.C. (not South Carolina) and what President Sample has done in his tenure. It is now significantly more difficult to gain admission to U.S.C. than the top two U.C. schools. Even the admission standards at Stanford are not significantly different than U.S.C.



But this story makes you think that the Gee forces have won at the national level. Support your local boy scouts!

Monday, November 15, 2004


Diplomacy for Sale

It appears that Hussein spihponed off aver 21 billion dollars in the Oil-for-Food scam, er... sanction program overseen by the United Nations. These were the same type of sanctions that Kerry was so adamant about not letting "expire."


Of course, he loves the French, and they love Arafat! Some of the communist mayors (yes, they have those in France) want to name streets after the thug. What kind of allies will the French ever make?


Vatican Statement on Scientific Research and Life

VATICAN CITY, NOV 12, 2004 (VIS) - Made public today was a message from the Pope to the president of the Association of Italian Catholic Doctors, Domenico Di Virgilio, on the occasion of the organization's 23rd national congress.
In the Message, dated November 9, the Holy Father reaffirms the ethical principles on which the Hippocratic Oath are based: "There are no lives that are not worth living; there is no suffering, no matter how grave, that can justify killing a life; there are no reasons, no matter how noble, that make plausible the creation of human beings, destined to be used and destroyed."
"May the conviction that life must be promoted and defended from conception till natural death always inspire you in your decisions: what will distinguish you as Catholic doctors is precisely the defense of the inviolable dignity of every human being. May you never neglect the spiritual dimension of the human being in your work of safeguarding and promoting health."
After emphasizing that while scientific progress is "a formidable instrument for improving the conditions of life and well-being, it can also be enslaved to the will of abuse and dominion. Scientific research, by its very nature oriented to the good of man, runs the risk of losing its original vocation. No type of research can ignore the intangibility of every human being: to violate this barrier means to open up the doors to a new form of barbarity."


That being said, how can the political hacks expect conservatives, especially conservative Catholics, to rally around an Arnold presidential campaign? Machiavellians need not apply here!


Red state border protection

Given the recent news story that A.Q. plans on smuggling nuclear material in weapon form in to the United States via Mexico, isn't about time for the president to drive a stake into the heart of his idiotic immigration worker program?

It is time to shut the borders down to the point that only screened immigrants are legally allowed to enter the country. Illegals of all nationalities should be rounded up and sent home. They may be allowed back in if they go through the legal process of immigration. One should have to get the permit to work and reside in the United States before one is allowed into the country no matter what their country of origin is. People who hire illegals knowlingly should be fined, and if gross violations occur, imprisoned.

Visas should be required of all foreigners who travel here. PERIOD.

Stop saying you are doing everything possible to protect us when it is obvious to anyonne living in a southern border state that you are not.

Saturday, November 13, 2004


democrats are ignorant

Gee... that does not sound like I am trying to build bridges, does it?

But did you notice the lower case "d" in the title?

Well, if you didn't, or if you thought it was a typo, then think about the title again before plowing through my post.

The November 8, 2004 print version of National Review has a piece by Kate O'Beirne titled Don't Know Much About Politics. In her work, she cites several different sources to show that most voters in America don't know diddly about the issues that confront them. It appears that women are less knowledgeable than men (though not less intelligent... there is a big difference!).

According to K.B.: "Political scientists generally regard voter ignorance as rational - given the inability of a single voter to affect the outcome of an election."


Most people only think of the government when it fails them. I am like that when it comes to my municipality. Did they pick up the garbage? Does my water work? Did they fix the pothole on my street? On top of that, I cannot tell you who "they" are, but I do know how to find their phone numbers!

It has not always been this way. When I worked for a local member of the state assembly (and even before that) I knew who the major players were. "Ginger" was not a member of Gilligan's Island nor a spice. She was an influential member of the city council.

So, I would argue that my ignorance is rational to a certain extent. When election time rolls around for local or state elections, I usually perk up and do some research. On rare occasions, usually dealing with positions on the bench at lower levels, do I not cast a vote. I'd rather skip a position than vote for one person out of ignorance or based on hearsay.

That being said, I am probably in the top 10 percent of voters in the country when it comes to being informed.

Now that is a scary thought whether or not you are liberal or conservative because my guess is that most of you who bother to read blogs like this (as I do) are no better than me. If you are much better than me, then you are in the top five percent of voters in the country.

So what does that say about people as particpants in democracy in any country who are like the rest of us in that they are worried about the day-to-day affairs that affect them while the "big picture" seems irrelevant?

What does it mean to be well-informed in any democracy? I would love to see several comments to my post on my website, but I would be happy with e-mail like I have received in the past.

NOW, apply all of that to the Middle East in all countries while deciding on your vote last week...

Even with my reduced knowledge of politics, I backed George W. Bush last week since many of the areas that were of importance to me and that I had informed myself about were key issues of the presidential election.

I knew that Bush's concept of Iraq as a new beacon of democracy in the Middle East was, to a degree, dangerous. Why? The latest print issue of Foreign Policy provides information that any of us who have taught the subject know: many Middle Eastern countries are run by authoritarians who are not that religious even though they pay lip-service to some version of Islam (usually the Sunni version); and, the United States deals with them as "allies."

Why (again)? The cold war and the need for oil come to mind. Authoritarian stability appeals over anarchy and totalitarianism unless the former is a threat to the rest of the region.

But, I hope (and, to a degree, think) Bush is right in the long run. I may be less of a practical actor than Hugh Hewitt, but I do realize that not all movements towards democracy will take the same path. Even though the United States is the beacon of democracy in the world, its past is littered with un-democratic actions. But the conscience and soul embedded in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution have constantly driven the nation towards the expansion of civil rights for all.

Those who expect it to happen quickly anywhere in the world are the true idiots. To vote someone out of office or to resent their presence in office because he or she has not brought "peace" overnight is to be truly ignorant.

And most people around the world are ignorant no matter how free they might be.

edited at 8:10 p.m.

Friday, November 12, 2004


Friday Update

Took the kids to the Disney resort here in So. Cal. I plan on posting on democracy (wow, how exciting for you) before the weekend is up.

Thanks for checking back!


Thursday, November 11, 2004


Veterans' Day

Stop reading this and go and thank a Vet! Throw in a couple of prayers for our active troops as well.

God Bless the U.S.A.!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004



As I was driving home tonight, the local CBS radio affiliate was airing a simulcast of 60 Minutes 2. Dan Rather was blathering on about The Incredibles and the company, Pixar I think, who made it.

I switched over to another news station... they were reporting on the death of Arafat.

Sheesh! Even CBS radio is affected by the Rather Curse!


The Liberal's Burden

Given the current tone and content emanating from Kerry, Pelosi, Reid and many other liberals in politics and Hollywood, I am surprised that they have not commissioned some intellectual writer to update Rudyard Kipling's The White Man's Burden.

Why this particular work? Because, like the aforementioned liberals and most of their ardent supporters, it was written from a perspective that those who know better (in this case, liberals with a superiority complex and world view) have a tremendous burden to help those who are ignorant (in this case, Christians who vote Republican). Additionally, the tone of Kipling's work is condescending like much of the verbal reaction from the left has been in regards to the re-election of the president.

So, since the left is calling on those of us on the right to reach out, heal and unite America, I have taken on a bit of the burden for them by updating Kipling's work below (it's a joke, so LIGHTEN up!):

The Liberal's Burden

Take up the Liberal's burden-
Send forth the best you breed-
Bind your offspring to red state exile
To serve your enemies' need;
To wait in heavy harness,
On grassy knolls and wild-
Your oft-fought, sullen right-wingers,
Half-Christian and half-child.

Take up the Liberal's burden-
By open speech and simple,
An hundred times made plain
Not like the lofty Kerry
Whose logic some did pain.
Common-sense shall be your creed
in discussions with your foes
Since your Enlightement they need!

Take up the Liberal's burden-
For open borders you shall fight;
One language is not the way;
One culture cannot unite.
Ol' Chomsky will rule the day,
When bloggers no longer do;
And use the power of boycott
To crush right-wing radio too!

Take up the Liberal's burden-
And reap a U.N. reward;
Your "tolerance" shall sustain you;
Your words will be your sword.
And when the elephant surrenders,
And you think your work is done.
Remember the Guantanamo prisoners,
Whose freedom must still be won!

Take up the Liberal's burden-
Back Kennedy with all your might,
So the likes of Peter Beinart
Will praise you all the night.
Watch Farenheit when your weary;
And with those liberal thoughts on view,
Let your opinions not become dreary,
Shout them out like ol' Dean of Yahoo!

Take up the Liberal's burden-
Cry, "Voter fraud is here!"
Prepare for your '08 victory,
With a fine imported beer.
And when your goal is nearest,
The end that Al Gore sought,
Sue them once and yet again,
And Florida you will have bought!

Take up the Liberal's burden-
Because even though you lost,
The winners are the losers,
And secession might be the cost.
But if values can help us win,
Let us define them as we must,
With Machiavellian logic,
And in Hillary we trust!


edited at 1:30 p.m.

I'd rather eat lima beans

The Jones Soda Company is selling a unique five-pack starting tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. PST. It has all the flavors of Thanksgiving, including a Turkey and gravy soda. I don't know if this is more funny or more revolting.


edited at 1:40 p.m.

Mike and Friends

Michael Moore has been answered with this picture found on the web composed from Bush campaign pictures. I originally came across it at Moore Watch where a smaller version is easier to view.

Of course, if you are liberal burdened by the election, and if you feel the need to say "I'm sorry" to the world, then post your contrite picture at Sorry Everybody.

Of course, if you are not sorry, then go to I am not sorry.


edited at 5:00 p.m.

First the Arlen Specter headache, and now President Bush does the fandango (sp.?) on the head of conservatives. Is he trying to get the right to stay home during the battle to be the next president in 2008?

Finally, to all members of the U.S.M.C.: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Culture of Life & other Tuesday Tidbits

Arlen Specter

Unless there are dramatic new developments on the Arlen Specter front, this will be my last post about it. If Senator Specter wants to get the chairmanship of the judiciary committee he should do two things: 1) publicly announce that he is in favor of changing the cloture provision in regards to federal bench appointees to a simple majority so that the obstructionist liberals in the Senate about whom he is concerned would no longer be a problem; 2) privately tell President Bush that he will back all Bush nominees thus ensuring the President's enthusiastic support of Specter's promotion.

These two actions on Specter's part would be the mature thing to do. These two suggestions are in contrast to how Hugh Hewitt defined mature early on his show yesterday. He seems to think that a mature party should be bound by the views of a distinct tyranny of the minority (which is blatantly un-American). Like I have written before, I respect many of his opinions, but he is in left field on this issue.

Assisted Suicide in California

The Culture of Death led by the Democrat Party of California is marching forward. It is just sick! Please call or contact your local member of the State Senate and Assembly to protest this evil.

War in Iraq and Christian bashing

I am tired of the War in Iraq. I am tired of the deaths of civilians and brave American military men and women. The Islamofascists want us to become worn down so that we will up and leave. Then, they will be able to reign more terror over the people of Iraq and the world. I am tired, but I am resolved. For the best coverage, check out the the Belmont Club.

The moral relativists of the left cannot come to grips with the concept of evil unless it is the clear position(s) of their political opponents. So, while they undermine us in Iraq, they attack and ridicule our Christian beliefs as found in this Catholic League article (which is not all Catholic specific).

Of course, Madonna and her ilk will probably always be tired and in the mood to capitulate.

The Great Divider?

Hat tip to Brett's High Life (I'm trying to convince him to change his moniker and website name, the latter to the Champagne of Blogs) for this link showing that Bush actually gained support in many non-traditional Republican groups. How divisive is that?!?!

Time to leave?

Some of the wacky left wants to stay right where they are, but they want to leave America as in the Union. How does one have a rational discussion with this type of individual?

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Or a time to rant?

Some of our fellow Americans on the left have really lost it. Notice I do not say "all" or "most." But while searching for a specific web address, I came across (only Google knows how) this post from one who considers herself to be part of the tolerant left.

After you have read it, come on back and check my response below.

Here goes:

1) The Howard Dean-type anger you demonstrate while claiming to be a champion of tolerance while also stereo-typing all those who did not vote for your candidate is absolutely amazing. Suggestions: Lighten up! Even Howard Dean has a funny Yahoo commercial out; leave the stereo-typing to the ignorant people of the world like the terrorists who believe that all Americans (including you) are fair game for capture and beheading (or death by attack with an airplane). How is all of your name-calling consistent with your claim that you are our friend? How does that make most people feel comfortable trying to have a rational discussion with you?

2) The MSM's (that is the main stream media) opinion of us appears to be a reflection of the hard left in today's politics. Why should we even care about the likes of Dan Rather and his ilk after all the mistakes they have made recently?

3) I own two American and union-made mini-vans (whose parts come from around the world). I have no desire to own an SUV. When it comes time for a new car, I hope they have decent hybrids that fit the need of my family.

4) President Clinton and the United Nations failed in Rwanda. If we had a more forceful commander-in-chief, maybe the genocide could have been halted or prevented. If the United Nations was a more serious actor at the time, maybe the result would have been different. The genocide should, and does, disgust all decent people.

5) I would think that you would applaud putting our faith in the United Nations as it comes to Darfur (and now the Ivory Coast). Frankly, I am skeptical that they will be of any real service to those unfortunate people. My guess is that the United States will have to bail them out again.

6) People, innocent and guilty, die in wars. Even Senator Kerry implied that war in Iraq might very well have been necessary in the long run according to his vision of world events. In fact, Senator Kerry has admitted that the world is a better place without Hussein who had repeatedly violated the U.N. sanctioned cease-fire clauses of the first Gulf War justifying our re-invasion. His killing fields, where several hundreds of thousands appear to have been buried, should be enough of a justification to go in and remove him from power, just as it is justification to have gone into Rwanda and finish the job had we had a stronger commander-in-chief and more courageous world support.

7) Abortion is evil.

8) As for us, most do not think we are better than you becuase we know, that in God's eyes, that simply is not true. However, we will continue to pray for you.

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Monday, November 08, 2004


Monday Morning

Attention liberal media: "they" are not insurgents, militants, or members of the Iraqi resistance.

They are Islamofascist terrorists. Try to pass the American Test!

As for Hugh Hewitt this morning, here is my answer: Arlen Specter is to the chair of the judiciary committee as Earl Warren was to the position of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Unlike Ike, we know this devil. Boot him!

College Football

Here is how I would vote in the top 25 as of 10:00 a.m.:

1. USC
2. Auburn
3. Oklahoma
4. Wisconsin
5. Utah
6. California
7. Georgia
8. Texas
9. Michigan
10. Virginia
11. West Virginia
12. Virginia Tech
13. Florida State
14. Miami
15. Boise State
16. Louisville
17. Tennessee
18. LSU
19. Iowa
20. UTEP
21. Texas A&M
22. Arizona State
23. Boston College
24. Oregon
25. Notre Dame

Sunday, November 07, 2004


Sunday, Part II

Although it pains me greatly to do this, a DOMER told me last week and reminded me again today that the media on election night missed a big point: once Bush had accumulated 269 electoral votes, it was OVER. Why? Because 269 was the magic "tie" number, and with the House in control of the Republicans, Bush would win. But did any news outlet tell you that? NO!

Thankfully, it was a Trojan that pointed out the error/answer in an earlier post about the Electoral College... but as soon as he said, "Well in Jan..." my brain woke up! Had the VP position been kicked to the Senate due to a tie, the current VP (Cheney) would have cast the deciding vote as that chamber is sworn in before the president.

Duh! I be a teacher of hi skoool!

As for the Democrats in 2008, they might consider Bill Richardson or Evan Bayh. Neither meets the Roman Catholic voter test, but I cannot vouch for the liberal "American Catholic" vote who are able to rationalize any social issue that Kofi Annan likes. The diehard loons will probably annoint Hillary Clinton assuming that her ex-husband...err sorry, husband and ex-president is wandering around plugging her..... Hillary is a baby killer.


Hugh Hewitt, in his morally offensive defense of Arlen Specter, has gone back to his pragmatic mode of "if it is close we can't we win" of the "Gray Davis" days since abortion is now the key issue. I have great respect for most of his political opinions, but I still remember one of his email responses to me in the California recall campaign, "I want to win." That was his end point for supporting Arnold over pro-life McClintock even though the polls suggested that SENATOR McClintock would have won had Arnold not run.

I guess we cannot expect any better from one who has left the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Keep listening to his show and reading his website, but remember that he, like Kerry and Schwarzenegger, no longer answer to the Pope. The National Right to Life Committee has already posted its objection to the death Senator from Pennsylvania that the likes of Hewitt really cannot answer.

Mr. Hewitt's misguided Machiavellian Christianity is yet another reason to pray harder. Pray the Rosary each day for Mr. Hewitt and those like him so that they come back to the Mother Church.



Thanks to all of my brother Knights who helped out at the pancake breakfast this morning. Proceeds will benefited the mentally retarded of the Marian Homes of the San Gabriel Valley.

Although I am a solid Republican, I always prefer to buy American made goods when possible. As you contemplate what to buy as gifts this holiday season, please check out this union list of companies that can proudly boast Made In America!.

No, I am NOT a Utah fan, but they are getting jobbed in both polls, but the coaches poll is the worst.

Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran?

Well, maybe some chocolate will make the rainy afternoon brighter.

See you on Monday!

Saturday, November 06, 2004


Saturday's Paper

While sitting out in the cool sun while wating for my mini-van to be washed for the first time in ages (yes, I know it is supposed to rain), I perused the Los Angeles Daily News. I remember when the Daily News used to be a conservative paper, but they endorsed John Kerry this year. Oh, well, it is still better than the Los Angeles Times.

The University of Washington makes a royally stupid decision

An University of Washington student group that organizes homecoming changed the rules of who gets the alumni scholarships ($1,000) last year so that the top two qualifiers, regardless of gender, would win. Last year, it did not matter and no one noticed since the top two consisted of one male and one female. This year it is two women, so UW now has homecoming royals. The two queens, er... royals did not know each other until the decision was made. No, neither woman has claimed to be a lesbian, but the weird vibe from a blue state is probably sustaining Peter Beinart in these dark hours of the left.

Texas textbooks codify marriage

The Texas Board of Education forced changes in health class textbooks for middle and high school students. Out were terms like "married partners" and in are terms like "husband and wife" (do not make your own puns nor send them to me). Is the vibe coming from Washington enough to sustain Beinart through this story?

Did South Korea bribe President George W. Bush?

Okay, I am being silly, but the quote from the paper states that "Bush repsonded positively to the proposal Roh made during a 10-minute phone conversation late Friday." Since South Korea falls into the bribed and coerced category, shoudn't they only listen and speak when spoken to? Should somebody consult John Kerry or Kofi Annan.

Bye for now!

Friday, November 05, 2004



Today will be a day of randomness here at my blog. I will update this specific blog as I see fit (or if something cause me to have a fit so that I cannot see).

Some should alert Human Rights Watch about this story from Bali. It seems some evidence is missig in a case, and I just bet that some clever orgranization will find away to blame it on President Bush.

Additionally, bombs have landed in the Ivory Coast. My guess is that some fine organization will find a way to blame this on the 101st Airborne.

Over at the USC athletics website is a story about the Trojans having reloaded. I am sure that some fine organization will find a way to blame General Franks (ret.) for his careless and reckless war plans for Iraq.


When you underestimate your opponent, you are likely to be dismayed at the results. Perhaps that idea best explains the Kerry loss as seen in this quote from Newsweek: Kerry was baffled. He said with a sigh to one top staffer,"I can't believe I'm losing to this idiot."

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Added at 1:20 p.m.

Bye-Bye! Libs heading to Canada?

I guess that's because the country is very red when you look at the county red v. blue map at Sean Hannity's site.


Added at 1:50 p.m.

Do the editors and publisher at The Guardian really have that much contempt for Christianity? This bigoted diatribe is typical of those would have composed and graded Kerry's Global Test.

But remember, Texas is bigger than France!

Thursday, November 04, 2004


More HRW Lunacy

Under the "You have GOT to be kidding me files," here is another current post from the idiots at Human Rights Watch.

Please click and read the link before you read my response...

Why did you not IMMEDIATELY tell the U.N. as well?

And just who is this "researcher?" I am a researcher, but I do not know anything about munitions other than I have three guns that Hillary and friends want to take from me even though they are currently legal to own.

Is this a case of "liberal lies" or post-war "liberal-collusion?"

Here is another quote of the blame-America crowd:

"While the U.S.-led coalition deployed more than 1,000 people to search for weapons of mass destruction, they weren’t organized to neutralize the threat of conventional weapons right under their noses," said Roth. “Now Iraqi civilians are paying a deadly price for the failure to secure the vast weapon stocks in Iraq during the U.S.-led invasion.”

As if the Iraqi population was not paying a deadly price living under Hussein.

Let me put Roth's comments in a WW II time frame after D-Day: "While the U.S. -led allies deployed hundreds of thousands of troops, many of whom died, to defeat Nazi Germany, they weren't organized enough to neutralize the threat of the Battle of the Bulge. Now French civilians are paying a deadly price for the failure to defeat the vast German Army on D-Day during the U.S.- led invasion."

We can be positive players in the world, but the modern world needs a history lesson.

Please pay attention: the Cold War is NOT dead - our new "enemy" is China, but just like the Soviets, they are reasonable (not liberal reasonable) actors. Russia is reverting to an authoritarian regime, but they need not be our enemy.

Both China and Russia share the Islamofascist problem with us. It is time for a new WW II type alliance between the US-Russia-China-G.B. against Islamic radicalism.

As for the United Nations, haven't you been reading my blog?

I think we should move the headquarters to the Sudan.


HRW: Saddam's Guilt Does not meet the Global Test!

Human Rights Watch has, according to the lovely-unbiased-pro-life Al Jazeera network, decided that you cannot prove that Hussein is guilty of murder because the United States may have destroyed the evidence would have poved his guilt by its invasion of Iraq.

Here is some of the nonsense linked in its entirety above:

Human Rights Watch stressed that the availability of concrete documentary and forensic evidence will be crucial elements in the success of any trials in Iraq, enforcing and providing extra weight to witness testimonies.

"Witness testimonies are usually the ballast of a prosecutor's case involving mass murder. But such testimonies hold greatest weight if they are supported by physical and documentary evidence." The report said.

But it said that some evidence has been looted or lost because of negligence by the U.S.-led occupation forces.



We still have to pray for these people!


A Time to Pray

Forgive me if this post falls below others of levity or less importance. If it does, it is because I have yet to figure out how to prioritize posts in the system offered to me by Google. If you are not a Roman Catholic, most of the following still applies so I would appreciate it if you would give it a go (as my in-laws are fond of saying!).

It is a time for prayer (as it always is, but all of us often lose site of that) because:

1) Elizabeth Edwards has breast cancer. It was detected late last week and appears to be in the early stages. She and her family need your support NOW! Please throw politics aside on this issue. It is the Christian thing to do

2) Yassar Arafat appears to be brain dead. No matter what your opinion is of him (and mine is that he has lived his life as an evil thug), you should (and I will) pray for the man and the repose of his soul. It is the Christian thing to do.

3) Please pray fo the people of Israel and the Palestinian territories, and, for that matter, all those in the Middle East in general, and those specifically who will be impacted by the death of Arafat. It is the Christian thing to do.

4) Pray for all of those who are willing to stand up to the threat of evil. Keep in mind the current crisis in the Netherlands and all others who stand up to evil.

5) Pray for world peace. Pray that men will behave morally on the communal level so that evil does not spread (yes, I am a modern day and realistic Thomist).

6) For Roman Catholics, this should be first on your list every day: Pray the Rosary.

Thank you for reading... and praying!

Vivat Jesus!


Soros' Movie Plans

My prediction is that when George Soros returns from Europe he will be ready to throw gobs of money at the Southpark boys and make them an offer they cannot refuse - fight in Iraq or make:

Team America 2: Redefeatbeat Bush

Starring: George Soros as the billionaire-philosophical-infallible-athiest Puppet Master.

Starring: Martin Sheen as the unloyal opposition shadow President.

Starring: Senator Edwards as the nothing-to-lose devil-may-care ex-politician with all of the insider secrets.

Starring: Howard Dean who will be reprising his role as The Screamer striking fear into contemplative Christians everywhere.

Starring: Hillary Clinton as the New Wonder Woman.

Guest Apperarnce by: Arlen Specter as the not-so-deep-throat judge killer and voice of "reason."

Soundtrack composed by: Bruce Sringsteen, John Mellencamp, Barbara Streisand and Jon Bon Jovi. Album produced by "I guess it's not such a beautiful day" Bono and featuring the new hit single We Want to be the World (the Global Test version).

Directed by: Michael Moore.

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Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Let's console George, Michael & Andrew

George Soros is very distressed today. Let's take a look at some of his comments and see if we can console him (add your consoling thoughts in the comment section if you like).

"What is at stake is our ability to recognize our own fallibility." Yes, George, for once you are right...you are NOT infallible (I am assuming that you really weren't talking about the winning side although your post reads as if you may still be trying to divide the country, and I know you are against that!).

"In the meantime, I am traveling to Europe to attend to the business of my foundation - but I'll be back." Don't bother. I am sure the global community will do a much better job of consoling you than anyone here ever could.

Well, how about Michael Moore? He is so distraught, that for once, he cannot say or write anything!

Of course, it is not like there is nothing on his website. It would appear that he has used pictures of all the soldiers who were killed in Iraq (only?) in a collage format to make a portrait of George Bush. For his next trick, maybe he can make one of the Hussein trio of murderers from all the people from the Iraqi killing fields. That should keep him busy and his mind off of the election results for quite some time.

However, poor old Andrew Sullivan is unconsolable and still living in Fantasyland. He is basing future hope for his outlook on exit poll information from the The New Republic. Well, we certainly know how reliable exit polling data was yesterday... and TNR? Maybe I should get him a subscription to First Things.


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