Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Politically Incorrect and Irritating

When Chancellor Gee allowed his Ohio State (West Virginia & Colorado) angst catch up with him last year in his position as chancellor of Vanderbilt (where his pseudo-leftist Brown "intellect" finally took over), I was irate. I stopped supporting the school and its athletic department. Even though this idiot kept the current A.D. in an advisory role (as the former abolished the athletic department), his idea of making a statement about the role of athletics in an academic environment meant that the A.D. really wasn't that any more.

What an absolute idiot. It is VANDERBILT!!!! When was the last time that Vandy had a problem with the NCAA or graduating students at a high rate that meant anything? Gee's Ohio State hangover pained all of us.

But time, supposedly, heals all wounds. Since Vanderbilt is my "college" in that all of my so-called normal college experiences happened there (living in the dorms, working on the school paper and radio station, etc.), my bitterness subsided quickly since I really wanted to support the atheletes there since they are truly STUDENT-athletes.

So I made a small donation hoping to get the weekly athletic (department) newspaper that covered all sports, but specifically covered football and basketball.

I feel like Lady Macbeth after opening today's mail. How can I wash this out?

What is it?

The new magazine of the Gee error:

Commodore Nation

Just like Raider Nation... (shivering)

To make it worse, the cover is of three happy male SOCCER players!

Good Heavens, even Harvard (the Vanderbilt of the North) takes football more seriously at the I-AA level!

Here are the headlines on the cover for the November edition:

Team has won more games
than past two years combined
-and the season is only half over
*Women's Soccer Elevates Game for SEC Play
*Cutler Gains Ground on Career Records
*Bowling Added as Varsity Sport
*Magic Shakes It Up with Protein


Gee has reduced Vandy to being a Kerry-esque world cup school.

Bowling? And WOMEN'S bowling to boot! Now, I have no problem with the sanctioned sport, but to put it on the November cover and ignore men's basketball is to neuter the athletic department... oh, oops, Gee already did that!

The only football article deals with Cutler, but you would not necessarily know that he was an AMERICAN football player based on the title and its location under two soccer headlines.

Gee simply does not care about the potential revenue sharing sports that can PROMOTE student-athletes. He should take a look at U.S.C. (not South Carolina) and what President Sample has done in his tenure. It is now significantly more difficult to gain admission to U.S.C. than the top two U.C. schools. Even the admission standards at Stanford are not significantly different than U.S.C.



But this story makes you think that the Gee forces have won at the national level. Support your local boy scouts!

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