Thursday, November 04, 2004


More HRW Lunacy

Under the "You have GOT to be kidding me files," here is another current post from the idiots at Human Rights Watch.

Please click and read the link before you read my response...

Why did you not IMMEDIATELY tell the U.N. as well?

And just who is this "researcher?" I am a researcher, but I do not know anything about munitions other than I have three guns that Hillary and friends want to take from me even though they are currently legal to own.

Is this a case of "liberal lies" or post-war "liberal-collusion?"

Here is another quote of the blame-America crowd:

"While the U.S.-led coalition deployed more than 1,000 people to search for weapons of mass destruction, they weren’t organized to neutralize the threat of conventional weapons right under their noses," said Roth. “Now Iraqi civilians are paying a deadly price for the failure to secure the vast weapon stocks in Iraq during the U.S.-led invasion.”

As if the Iraqi population was not paying a deadly price living under Hussein.

Let me put Roth's comments in a WW II time frame after D-Day: "While the U.S. -led allies deployed hundreds of thousands of troops, many of whom died, to defeat Nazi Germany, they weren't organized enough to neutralize the threat of the Battle of the Bulge. Now French civilians are paying a deadly price for the failure to defeat the vast German Army on D-Day during the U.S.- led invasion."

We can be positive players in the world, but the modern world needs a history lesson.

Please pay attention: the Cold War is NOT dead - our new "enemy" is China, but just like the Soviets, they are reasonable (not liberal reasonable) actors. Russia is reverting to an authoritarian regime, but they need not be our enemy.

Both China and Russia share the Islamofascist problem with us. It is time for a new WW II type alliance between the US-Russia-China-G.B. against Islamic radicalism.

As for the United Nations, haven't you been reading my blog?

I think we should move the headquarters to the Sudan.

Being dismissive in one word is typical of the George Soros crowd. Having skimmed through the last three entries on your blog looking for substantive arguments, I have only two comments: (1) Good luck joining the true investor class in buying a house, and (2) personal conspiracy theories need more proof than personal intellectual contempt.
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