Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Let's console George, Michael & Andrew

George Soros is very distressed today. Let's take a look at some of his comments and see if we can console him (add your consoling thoughts in the comment section if you like).

"What is at stake is our ability to recognize our own fallibility." Yes, George, for once you are are NOT infallible (I am assuming that you really weren't talking about the winning side although your post reads as if you may still be trying to divide the country, and I know you are against that!).

"In the meantime, I am traveling to Europe to attend to the business of my foundation - but I'll be back." Don't bother. I am sure the global community will do a much better job of consoling you than anyone here ever could.

Well, how about Michael Moore? He is so distraught, that for once, he cannot say or write anything!

Of course, it is not like there is nothing on his website. It would appear that he has used pictures of all the soldiers who were killed in Iraq (only?) in a collage format to make a portrait of George Bush. For his next trick, maybe he can make one of the Hussein trio of murderers from all the people from the Iraqi killing fields. That should keep him busy and his mind off of the election results for quite some time.

However, poor old Andrew Sullivan is unconsolable and still living in Fantasyland. He is basing future hope for his outlook on exit poll information from the The New Republic. Well, we certainly know how reliable exit polling data was yesterday... and TNR? Maybe I should get him a subscription to First Things.

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