Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Liberal Blog World Reviews

Oh my...

My oldest sister (heck, is that politcally correct) since me an e-mail the other day that was supposedly from a liberal in New York City who voted for Kerry. Supposedly, this woman was writing to "Red" America (heck, I HATE that term as Red is associated with communism) to introduce herself as a flag-waving American who was "realistic." I could not read the who letter. Well, part of the reason was that I really couldn't since there was an error in transmission. But I would have given up since she was trying to convicne me (the letter writer that is) that she had come to grips with the fact that there were gay people.

Hmmm... when was the last time that the Republican Party advocated the prosecution of gay people as a plank of its national platform?

The letter of the NY liberal (that I could read) was another example of moral relativism.

At least she was not condescending, and she was trying to be civil. I don't mind a bit of sass (heck, it makes arguing fun), but at least she did not go over the line (okay, I could comment, but I won't).

Check out these blogs: some are hate-filled, some are thoughtful, and some are "I am a victim," but all are liberal:

Not the Country Club (thank the heavens!)
Keep it really real son
School Sux (please don't transfer to my school site!)
bad with titles (Reactionary American Indian blog... maybe just reactionary)
Undeniably Rosie (undeniably clueless about FDR's folly and economics in general)
Live from Vijay

These blogs are indicative of the rants I hear at my job and in my community.

But even liberals have hearts (if not social skills) when one of their partners is with child:
Drown (ok, this picture is actually pro life even if the rest of the site is heinous liberal in tone)

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