Thursday, November 18, 2004


The God of Islam V. the God of Christianity

This past Sunday, the following announcement was placed in the parish bulletin of my Roman Catholic Church:

For Your Knowledge

Today marks the end of the Ramadan fast for our Muslim brothers and sisters - 6 million of them living in the United States. The month of fasting, which began October 16, has been a time for purification, a time to regroup their lives around their true religious principles of peaceful, compassionate living. These are not to be confused with the terrorists - our true Muslim brothers and sisters are looking to live a live in union with the same God we Christians worship.

I can only assume that the individual responsible for the placement of this blurb in the parish bulletin meant well. I think that most average American Muslims of the pre-9/11 sort are like most average American Christians in that they are happy to live in and industrialized country that provides a good opportunity for them and their family AND allows them to worship as they please without any real harrasment. On a personal level, that would be a fair description of the Muslims I have associated with since I was a small child. Unfortunately, the person responsible for this notice in the bulletin appears to be a victim of wishful thinking. Even if 9/11 had never happened, they are theologically wrong. But they are simply repeating the mantra of the MSM who seem to be having a difficult time with the whole "values thing."

Here's why:

Muslims do not worship the same God as Christians worship. People who want to excuse the excesses of Islam go to great lengths to point this "fact" out even though it makes absolutely NO sense.

Muslims do not believe in the Trinity!!!!! Therefore, they do not believe in the same God as Christians. The Islamic view of God is as unique as the Mormon view, but neither are the same as the Christian view of the Trinity! Muslims believe that Jesus was a messenger of God and not divine.

Islam teaches that the "prophet" Muhammed was taken up to heaven body and soul (just like Mary) from a spot in Jerusalem...

And Heaven? Various descriptions can be found here, and here. And I am being nice since the whole concept of dozens of virgins waiting for the righteous martyr is repulsive.

Preaching tolerance while promoting the Judeo-Christian values of the United Sates is a good thing as you have read in previous posts. However, the effect of the aforementioned bulletin message furthers the cause of the Gramscian multi-culturalists who hate America even though I doubt that was the intent of the individual who placed the message.

Originally posted at 8:35 p.m. on November 17

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