Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Hugh "Get Squirrel and Moose" Hewitt

As I was walking across the campus this morning I noticed that our new electronic message board had one of those old fashioned bowling ball type bombs exploding into the words "Happy Thanksgiving." It was one of those renditions of a cartoon bomb that one would expect Boris to be launching at "squirrel and moose" on his futile and stupid cause of wiping them out (although it is obvious that the charities involved are both fine ones to support).

Hugh Hewitt has quickly become the modern day version of Boris as he is now launching silly bombs in a consipracy theory fashion at St. Jude and children with cancer.

I had to read his blog three times this morning in attempt to convince myself that he does deserve a black hat and coat. Unfortunately, he should don those items immediately so long as he continues in his buffoonish and somewhat vindictive ways.

In the type of dismissive parlance I expect from condescending liberals, he states that St. Jude is a "fine research hospital" whose new fundraising campaign has the support of corporate America (okay) and (cue ominous music) "Hollywood Elites."

Now anyone on the right-side of the political spectrum knows that there is no greater current term to use to slam someone or some cause than to say they are associated with "Hollywood Elites." Hewitt knows this. I can only come to the conclusion that it is an intentional attempt to the posion the water in this debate.

Hewitt does further damage to the reputation of St. Jude Hospital by understating its mission and its reason for existence. Here are his words:

'Did St. Jude insist on the exiling of Salvation Army as a condition of Target's participation in the big roll out of this glitzy new campaign? Is St. Jude considered a 'safe charity,' secular with a sectarian name, and fun to be associated with given the glamour of the Hollywood affiliates?

Research into pediatric cancer is indeed a noble cause, but did St. Jude muscle out - intentionally or unintentionally - the dowdy old, very Christian Salvation Army with its unglamorous business of feeding drunks and clothing homeless?'"

(italics added to differentiate Hewitt's words from mine).

Hewitt's screed is offensive on many levels: 1) His unfounded smear, posed as a question, about the possibility that St. Jude "exiled" the Salvation Army is beyond the pale; 2) Since when is "St. Jude" a secterian name or completely secular charity? Danny Thomas, in honor of St. Jude's interecession and God's positive blessings, did what any good Roman Catholic would do in his situation when he made a public show of his thanks for the intercession by founding the hospital. I realize that Mr. Hewitt has left the Roman Catholic Church, but he knows better. 3) His misrepresentation of the total cause that is St. Jude hospital is appalling. All patients are accepted at St. Jude regardless of their ability to pay. The efforts and cause of St. Jude hospital is both catholic (universal) and Catholic (Christian).

Maybe Mr. Hewitt should check his facts before he launches his bombs.

For those of us who are thinking clearly, you can donate to the Salvation Army and St. Jude hopsital.

If you are interested in prayer's to St. Jude, click here, and for more information on St. Jude as well as the Dominican Shrine in Chicago, please click here.

(edited at 11:00 a.m.)

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