Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Culture of Life & other Tuesday Tidbits

Arlen Specter

Unless there are dramatic new developments on the Arlen Specter front, this will be my last post about it. If Senator Specter wants to get the chairmanship of the judiciary committee he should do two things: 1) publicly announce that he is in favor of changing the cloture provision in regards to federal bench appointees to a simple majority so that the obstructionist liberals in the Senate about whom he is concerned would no longer be a problem; 2) privately tell President Bush that he will back all Bush nominees thus ensuring the President's enthusiastic support of Specter's promotion.

These two actions on Specter's part would be the mature thing to do. These two suggestions are in contrast to how Hugh Hewitt defined mature early on his show yesterday. He seems to think that a mature party should be bound by the views of a distinct tyranny of the minority (which is blatantly un-American). Like I have written before, I respect many of his opinions, but he is in left field on this issue.

Assisted Suicide in California

The Culture of Death led by the Democrat Party of California is marching forward. It is just sick! Please call or contact your local member of the State Senate and Assembly to protest this evil.

War in Iraq and Christian bashing

I am tired of the War in Iraq. I am tired of the deaths of civilians and brave American military men and women. The Islamofascists want us to become worn down so that we will up and leave. Then, they will be able to reign more terror over the people of Iraq and the world. I am tired, but I am resolved. For the best coverage, check out the the Belmont Club.

The moral relativists of the left cannot come to grips with the concept of evil unless it is the clear position(s) of their political opponents. So, while they undermine us in Iraq, they attack and ridicule our Christian beliefs as found in this Catholic League article (which is not all Catholic specific).

Of course, Madonna and her ilk will probably always be tired and in the mood to capitulate.

The Great Divider?

Hat tip to Brett's High Life (I'm trying to convince him to change his moniker and website name, the latter to the Champagne of Blogs) for this link showing that Bush actually gained support in many non-traditional Republican groups. How divisive is that?!?!

Time to leave?

Some of the wacky left wants to stay right where they are, but they want to leave America as in the Union. How does one have a rational discussion with this type of individual?

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Or a time to rant?

Some of our fellow Americans on the left have really lost it. Notice I do not say "all" or "most." But while searching for a specific web address, I came across (only Google knows how) this post from one who considers herself to be part of the tolerant left.

After you have read it, come on back and check my response below.

Here goes:

1) The Howard Dean-type anger you demonstrate while claiming to be a champion of tolerance while also stereo-typing all those who did not vote for your candidate is absolutely amazing. Suggestions: Lighten up! Even Howard Dean has a funny Yahoo commercial out; leave the stereo-typing to the ignorant people of the world like the terrorists who believe that all Americans (including you) are fair game for capture and beheading (or death by attack with an airplane). How is all of your name-calling consistent with your claim that you are our friend? How does that make most people feel comfortable trying to have a rational discussion with you?

2) The MSM's (that is the main stream media) opinion of us appears to be a reflection of the hard left in today's politics. Why should we even care about the likes of Dan Rather and his ilk after all the mistakes they have made recently?

3) I own two American and union-made mini-vans (whose parts come from around the world). I have no desire to own an SUV. When it comes time for a new car, I hope they have decent hybrids that fit the need of my family.

4) President Clinton and the United Nations failed in Rwanda. If we had a more forceful commander-in-chief, maybe the genocide could have been halted or prevented. If the United Nations was a more serious actor at the time, maybe the result would have been different. The genocide should, and does, disgust all decent people.

5) I would think that you would applaud putting our faith in the United Nations as it comes to Darfur (and now the Ivory Coast). Frankly, I am skeptical that they will be of any real service to those unfortunate people. My guess is that the United States will have to bail them out again.

6) People, innocent and guilty, die in wars. Even Senator Kerry implied that war in Iraq might very well have been necessary in the long run according to his vision of world events. In fact, Senator Kerry has admitted that the world is a better place without Hussein who had repeatedly violated the U.N. sanctioned cease-fire clauses of the first Gulf War justifying our re-invasion. His killing fields, where several hundreds of thousands appear to have been buried, should be enough of a justification to go in and remove him from power, just as it is justification to have gone into Rwanda and finish the job had we had a stronger commander-in-chief and more courageous world support.

7) Abortion is evil.

8) As for us, most do not think we are better than you becuase we know, that in God's eyes, that simply is not true. However, we will continue to pray for you.

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you need assisted suicide. you do not deserve to make your irrational, mindless thoughts public. well, no one's reading anyways.
So much for freedom of speech and rational dialogue. The threatening tone of your comment indicates that you have a God-complex. You will also be in my prayers; however, death threats thinly veiled as commentary are probably illegal in both red and blue states.
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