Monday, November 29, 2004


There is No Free Speech at this anti-U.S. Canadian Blog

Check out Not the Country Club.

I have posted to comments to this person's blog citing countering views based on researched facts. The owner (Al?) has decided to remove them both instead of trying to cite or argue points other than from the position of emotional rant. You can see my name, but not my posts as they have been removed.

Feel free to try and debate this coward.

Unless you are offensive or threatening, you can always post at my blog even if I do not agree with you!

Long live the freedom of speech!

Sports Illustrated on line

The folks at SI caught themselves before I could get back on-line. I tried to rebut an article that was there at 3:00 p.m. PST that is not there at 8ish. The author was trying to argue that both Texas and Cal were fighting for the last spot in the BCS. Uh, no! If everyone wins out this weekend, Cal goes to the Rose Bowl in the last available slot. I guess they figured out before I could elevate myself to the top of the call-in show heap of people with nothing better to do (and I did, as always, have better things to do).

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