Wednesday, November 17, 2004



According to the Webster's Student Dictionary that rests in my lap, the definition of "insurgent" is as follows: a person who takes part in an uprising against an established government.

The MSM loves calling the terrorists in Iraq "insurgents." Chris Matthews goes even further by saying that they are not "bad guys" but folks who happen "to disagree" with us.

To view the terrorists as anything but that is to misunderstand them which can be a deadly mistake.


Dana Rohrbacher is seeking a change in a core definition in the U.S. Constitution. He is proposing that any foreign-born but naturalized citizen of the United States who has lived here for 20 years should be eligible to be president.

This is a bad idea.

The commander-in-chief should not have a hint of any type of foreign allegiance due to birth. His or her allegiance should be to the United States of America. To gamble with this for short-term political gain is a grave mistake.

Let's review the reasons for including the caption, "natural born citizen" in the requirements for president. I am sure at the time of our newly formed country we did not want the chance of someone with an allegiance to England or any other country to have the chance to become the leader of our country. That same condition exists today more than before. The issue is one of security. We need a president that inherently has allegiance to the United States of America. A foreign born citizen, while a vital participant in the democratic process, cannot be in an office which has such tremendous control over the military and policy. To put it bluntly, it is a risk that none of us can ever afford.
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