Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Colored Lights

Settle down!

I am posting about the type of lights that I will put up (would have this past weekend if the wind wasn't an issue) in the next 10-12 days.

I am a colored light guy. So, it appears, are: my new love-to-hate radio personality Hugh Hewitt and the fantastic James Lileks (and, James, I still have a stand of the old-fashioned peeling light bulbs strand of lights).

They both cite a piece that refers to the level of sophistication of those people who put on only white lights during the Christmas season on their properties.


The white light fad started only a few years ago and makes houses look, well, lit-up as if they were having a special year-end sale. They were interesting the first year, but now I keep thinking about some close-out section at the local OSH store for the end-of-the-year hammock sale.

Now I do admit that white lights can certainly add to an overall theme especially here in Southern California where the only snow we see is usually confined to the mountains. But to see house after house adorned in white lights is to see, well, a bunch of houses in a row looking as if they are being seasonal in their home protection attempt. GET FESTIVE PEOPLE!

Now, I would be remiss if I did not admit to the fact that I do have some white lights in my decoration scheme. They are on the mechanical deers that I have (I bought two, and some time during the season last year, they give birth to a smaller third unlit one... go figure! I guess Darwin was wrong in that non-animated objects can reproduce). I have seen those framed-lit deers in a color scheme, and they look, well, stupid.

My only hope is that some coyote or mountain lion does not attack my deer and injure itself or else I might have a bunch of militant environmentalists picketing in the street in front of my house. Well, if that happens, they better bring a bunch of white lights or else they are going to get hit by a car or cars since I live on a dark street.

Advent has started - go to church!

May God Bless you all during this Christmas Season (and how about those Packers!).

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