Saturday, November 06, 2004


Saturday's Paper

While sitting out in the cool sun while wating for my mini-van to be washed for the first time in ages (yes, I know it is supposed to rain), I perused the Los Angeles Daily News. I remember when the Daily News used to be a conservative paper, but they endorsed John Kerry this year. Oh, well, it is still better than the Los Angeles Times.

The University of Washington makes a royally stupid decision

An University of Washington student group that organizes homecoming changed the rules of who gets the alumni scholarships ($1,000) last year so that the top two qualifiers, regardless of gender, would win. Last year, it did not matter and no one noticed since the top two consisted of one male and one female. This year it is two women, so UW now has homecoming royals. The two queens, er... royals did not know each other until the decision was made. No, neither woman has claimed to be a lesbian, but the weird vibe from a blue state is probably sustaining Peter Beinart in these dark hours of the left.

Texas textbooks codify marriage

The Texas Board of Education forced changes in health class textbooks for middle and high school students. Out were terms like "married partners" and in are terms like "husband and wife" (do not make your own puns nor send them to me). Is the vibe coming from Washington enough to sustain Beinart through this story?

Did South Korea bribe President George W. Bush?

Okay, I am being silly, but the quote from the paper states that "Bush repsonded positively to the proposal Roh made during a 10-minute phone conversation late Friday." Since South Korea falls into the bribed and coerced category, shoudn't they only listen and speak when spoken to? Should somebody consult John Kerry or Kofi Annan.

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