Monday, November 15, 2004


Red state border protection

Given the recent news story that A.Q. plans on smuggling nuclear material in weapon form in to the United States via Mexico, isn't about time for the president to drive a stake into the heart of his idiotic immigration worker program?

It is time to shut the borders down to the point that only screened immigrants are legally allowed to enter the country. Illegals of all nationalities should be rounded up and sent home. They may be allowed back in if they go through the legal process of immigration. One should have to get the permit to work and reside in the United States before one is allowed into the country no matter what their country of origin is. People who hire illegals knowlingly should be fined, and if gross violations occur, imprisoned.

Visas should be required of all foreigners who travel here. PERIOD.

Stop saying you are doing everything possible to protect us when it is obvious to anyonne living in a southern border state that you are not.

This country needs a comprehensive program to address illegal immigration (mainly from our southern border)to:

1. Protect all U.S. citizens.
2. Re-establish the sovereignty of this great country.
3. Establish discipline for immigration.
4. Develop a non-political policy with regards to guest worker programs.
5. Prevent terrorists from gaining access to our country through all means.
6. Restore sponsorship as the means for obtaining citizenship.

Legal immigration should be discussed publicly and addressed immediately.
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