Friday, February 08, 2008


Shootin' for the Moon

While traveling today in Louisiana, I was listening to KEEL AM radio 710 out of Shreveport to radio commentator Moon Griffon who was commentating on the Saturday primary in his state. Perhaps he clarified his views (or maybe a caller did) at a time when I was not able to listen, but, for the sake of this post, I will assume that he did not.

Mr. Griffon was concerned that conservative voters in the GOP might feel the need to vote for Senator McCain tomorrow in order to show party unity. He argued that a protest vote was in order, and, based on the brief time that I was able to listen, implied that the protest vote would be for Mitt Romney.

Now the three of you who read this blog know that I endorsed Mitt ages ago (although the Thompson campaign made me rethink that position), voted for him in California (and by the way, donated to him last week), and still respect him a great deal. My objection with Mr. Griffon's position is that a vote for Romney is not a protest vote; rather, it will send a clear signal to Mr. McCain that his mea culpa (sort of) at the CPAC convention was not enough.

I hope all the conservatives yet to vote choose to vote for Romney (versus Mr. West Virginia back-door winner Huckabee).

Send the RIGHT signal.

(and I hope the knucklehead in the room next to my shuts up soon!)


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