Saturday, July 22, 2006


Back and Forth

Although Mr. Fisher and I continue to e-mail one another, we seem to be speaking past one another. It does not seem necessary to post all of the correspondence here; I think I can fairly summarize his position as follows:

1) The Knights of Columbus should immediately expel all pro-abortion and pro-homosexual politicians (pro in that they vote for favorable legsislation);

2) That KofC should ignore the Bishop's authority to define who is and who is not a "practical-Catholic;"

3) The only reasons that Supreme refuses to expel such politicians is that that Supreme doesn't want to get sued, that the officers of Supreme are only interested in protecting their salaries, and that Supreme doesn't want to lose any tax benefits that the organization currently enjoys.

Mr. Fisher has conveniently ignored my points that Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI held and do hold the Order in high regard; that there is no reasonable alternative to the "practical Catholic" provision of membership; and, harping about salaries comes off as petty jealousy.

Sadly, we both want the same thing: for these anti-Catholic politicians to get out of the Knights!

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