Friday, February 02, 2007


Name that Language!

The Janauary 28 edition of the Holy Name of Mary Parish bulletin (not yet published on the site) is, well, amazing for very one reason: it demonstrates how ignorant many have become of the official language of the Church (it's Latin in case your are one of the ignorant). In the article Liturgy/Music Corner that appears on page 7, the author feels the need to add the following explanation about the words (in Latin) to the Agnus Dei: "Please note that when we sing Agnus Dei we are NOT singing in Spanish" (emphasis in the original).

If you get around to actually reading the piece, I am that the violations of the GIRM will astound you, but the bit about Latin and Spanish was shocking. I actually laughed out loud prior to Mass while reading it. If you have ever had to suffer through a "Mass" at this parish I have empathy for you. If you are a parishonier, you have my sympathy. Get out while you still have your faith!


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