Monday, October 25, 2004


Election Strategies

Hugh Hewitt has written today that the visit to Ohio by our own Governor Arnold is a good thing that would be made better if the governor were to visit some specifically targeted Catholic areas. I disagree.

The governor suffers from the same problem as Kerry in the eyes of Catholics: both are pro-choice and for stem-cell research. I would think this would irritate voters more than encourage them to actively support the President.

I am not saying that the Republicans should not use the governor in Ohio or elsewhere. Orthodox Catholics do have more in common with the political philosophy of Republicans like Schwarzenegger, but we do have serious theological and moral concerns. I should think that the governor will receive intense scrutiny on these points in any re-election bid especially if Kerry goes down to defeat.

But Kerry doesn't plan on losing. Hugh Hewitt is right about the proximity of victory and the Democrats plan to cheat. Although I have heard this from many sources, my hat tips to Lileks for the link about the Democrats plan to declare victory, and then fight out the loss in the courts. Blech!

yar -- notwithstanding catholic niche politics, getting arnold into the midwest is HUGE for 43 -- the dude is much more of a star -- and more of a political star -- there than he is here in cali -- and the appeal is to the older patriot who might otherwise get sucked in by shrumisms in this close election -- merits aside, the only thing that could have blown this election wide open besides 43 being prepared for that first debate is for a figure like arnold or rudi or pataki to be on the ticket -- again, merits aside as a man of the cold war / new war right like myself loves the current vp -- getting arnold into the midwest for the first time now is all the gold that's there to get for the party -- 49.5-48.5
off topic sorta -- check this out!!!
Yeah, Hewitt had the link to the BoSox story yesterday, and I plan on using that info today
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now, re arnold to ohio, how's this for tenured logic:

"It's like a southern Democrat governor going to Boston to campaign for Michael Dukakis to campaign in 1988," Professor Ralph Sonenshein, of the California State University, Fullerton, said.

yes! but for the facts that dukakis was from mass, and bush is not from ohio or a state like it, and but for the fact that mass is a blue state, and ohio is, um "in play" as they say, and but for the fact that arnold actually went to be with his "base" president in crunchtime, whereas no southern democrat with a political instinct to survive in the south did the same for dukakis (note our professor names no names) -- yes indeed, but for all those salient points we have to overlook, the professor's analogy is effin' genius!

linkage to our tax dollar professor hard at work:
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