Saturday, October 16, 2004


The First Doorbell

And who should come to my door (just as I sat the kids down with chicken while the wife is off at church) but our first admirers.... and they were Bruins! Yet, it was news to them that the President actually had a re-election website. UCLA must not allow Republicans access to computers. I guess they give them old typewriters from the Texas Air National Guard.

The lead Bruin was a tad (and I do mean "tad") upset that I was unable to lead them to some place that would give them signs such as mine for free. I felt like saying that was a Kerry mindset, but was afraid that I might lose a Republican vote in a race that matters. I did not tell her I was a Trojan. I figure that there are now at least six UCLA people I know who are Republicans, so I shouldn't push it (although they certainly pushed Cal until the end tonight... UCLA might just win the rest of their games, except for SC, and go to the Holiday Bowl which would make one of my sisters happy as I have Holiday Bowl "season" tickets).

And speaking of football: HOW ABOUT THOSE BADGERS!!!!! I root for Wisconsin like a pro team since my folks are graduates of UW and the Packers were horrible when I was growing up (kind of like this year unfortunately).

Painful thought of the day: I normally try to eliminate idiotic comments from my students from my mind, and I had done a great job of it until I went ouside to pry up the sprinklers of the neighbor's (DON'T ask) as I do every night, when WHAM, it hits me (from Thursday): "Like, how can anyone vote for Bush, since, like, he like, sounds so, I mean, like, he can't talk! He's, like, an, idiot!" (expletives deleted)

I had to bite my tongue in class that day, but I wanted to say,"If I were to, like, grade, like all of you, like, on how you, like speak, I would, like, have to flunk, like, most of you."

Vouchers anyone?

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