Thursday, October 28, 2004


Help! Help! I'm being Repressed!

Finally, I have seen the light! Iraq is a mess. We are doing no good there. All the news is bad. Repression, suppression and oppression: oh the speech Jesse Jackson could give!

In fact, it would appear that we are sowing seeds of despotism and occupation. The evil burning Bush is now forcing the Iraqis to sow these seeds of suppression themselves. What evil mind would force Iraqi's to suppress their own hunger?

But wait! More evil atrocities are raining down on the poor children of Iraq. U.S. soldiers are storming into school yards, and... oh.. the horror is just too much to face! What about the children? WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?!

And, as Kerry-Edwards have pointed out, we have had no success in training locals to police and run their own country. It's anarchy!

Oh well, Dennis, at least there is some lovely filth down here, here, and here!

edited at 2:45 p.m.

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