Monday, October 18, 2004


Another Rainy Day in Bad Weather Southern California

Oh, the weather here is just sooooo bad! That is if you believe the whining students outside who claim it is freezing while they are wearing skirts and skimpy tops while waving good bye to the parental unit that just dropped them at school. I am sure these are the same parents who made sure that these students had finished their homework over the weekend and will all attend the parent-teacher report card extravaganza this Thursday night! Sheesh! So sarcastic so early on a Monday morning.

Speaking of education, will the next president PLEASE dismantle the Department of Education.

And speaking of education, someone needs to educate UCLA on how to tackle. As an ex-coach, it gets a frustrating watching any team look like it has not been coached on how to execute the fundamentals. Someone should tell Dorrell that he is not the head coach of an Arena team. I like the fact that at the last home game, my sister passed the hat to buy some tackling dummies for the team. It was so bad (Even though they beat AZ) that even some Wildcat boosters chipped in...

I finally got to watch a game where SC Pete (sounds like a pirate's name... maybe the next Raider HC?) didn't have the dear-eyes-in-the-headlights look while watching a good opposing offense make him look silly early. The Trojans defense finally stopped that bend don't break nonsense.

Maybe Dorrell can get some game film on WI and SC from ABC. Since the SC-UCLA game is THE Pac-10 game for ABC on that first Saturday in December, they better hope that things improve on the Westside while no bad things happen in South Central.

DRAFT ALERT: "The president has a secret plan to posion the water in Utah with Miller Genuine Draft!" Well, not really, but who knows if Kerry will claim that one soon. Afterall, this is the liar who keeps stirring up the secret draft nonsense. Someone should really make the Sappy Senator sit down with Gen. Franks (ret.) so that the latter could explain to the former that the new army relies on less Mass and more Acceleration to achieve the needed Force (F=MA). Kerry's list of old school officers want to go back to the OLD way of doing things which relies on MORE MORE MORE manpower, not less. So which administration would likely need to reinstitute a draft: Answer: KERRY!

Now if Kerry were able to convince A-B to bring back Michelob Golden Draft to the west coast... nah... California is already solidly behind the Senator. But they do have that brand in the midwest... maybe that is the not so secret Draft plan that Bush has already implemented!

QUICK! Someone inform CBS news and Michael Moore!

Well, I guess I actually should do some work around here!

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