Saturday, October 30, 2004


Dumbest Football Statement Ever!

Although I generally have enjoyed going to UCLA football games in section 19 off and on over the last few years because I like football (and a buddy used to coach there), one of the drawbacks has always been Michael Moore's younger brother (well, he looks like him and shares his politics) at the end of the row.

This IDIOT is barely cognizant of the rules and strategies of football. I remember one day a few years back when Oregon State was running the triple option offense, and he was trying to explain that it was the wishbone exclusively to his young son.

But he topped himself today: "How can it be pass interference when we intercepted the ball?"

There is a staunch UCLA family of four to the left of us who moved a few years back from in front of MM JR because they could not take his foul mouth and stupidity anymore. Even the dad spouted off today and bellowed that they had moved because of him.

He keeps yelling...

As does Michael Moore.

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