Saturday, October 16, 2004


The Big Bush Sign and Reader's comments

Well, the big big Bush-Cheney sign went up this morning and as she who must be obeyed and myself were sliding the poles over the stakes, a guy in one of those tight yellow bicycle outfits came whizzing by and shouted," TAKE THAT DOWN!" My wife looked at me while laughing and said, "how long did it take (before someone complained)? Answer: 3 seconds.

And even though he was wearing a yellow outfit like the senator, I doubt it was him... but if you want to look like the man you are going to vote for, shouldn't you have the botox done too?

After we got back in the house my wife began worrying that some psycho would come to our door... I was more worried about the remaining green grass not getting enough water, so I moved the sign closer to the house. To make my wife happier, I stuck the little NRA yard sign near the door.

I also didn't like the "hugeness" of the sign as it is eight feet by four feet. Since I voted against the Glendale give away called A-B-C, I thought my house should not look like the signs you will find at most Caruso projects. Now the sign simply faces the Kerry voters across the street by coincidence... REALLY! Who could've predicted that!

One of my fellow church going Republicans read my second post and actually responded (yipee! my first one!):

"I think you can also judge Kerry on his statements in the debate.  They do reveal what he really is:

'I am running to be a president who happens to be a Catholic.'

Why isn't he a Catholic who happens to be running for president?  The answer is obvious after you understand his stance on everything where practice is in conflict with Catholic teaching!  He truly believes that being a catholic allows him to express his disagreement with Catholic teaching and thus in those areas where disagreement occurs he may choose to deviate to an alternate practice.

 "I believe that choice is a woman's choice. It's between a woman, God and her doctor. And that's why I support that. "  I am not sure what this double talk means.  Does this mean that God is complicit in abortions?  Do only women talk to God?  Why no talk about life (which happens to be in 1st position of our unalienable rights)?  Where is the 'right to choose' among our natural rights.

More (?) importantly, SC is up by 28 just before half... and they have Sam Adams Octoberfest on tap at the club!

They just scored again! 42-7!

Vote Catholic, NOT Kerry!

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