Saturday, October 30, 2004


Rush to Football!

Quick one today as I am off to see Stanford invade the Rose Bowl. Will UCLA prevent another mid-season swoon?

Quick Thoughts:

1) Kerry keeps condemning Bush for rushing to judgement when all the facts are not apparently available. Kerry offers himself as a deep thinker who will be deliberate in his decision making. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO how come he has rushed to judgement about the possibility that less than 1% of the total munitions found to date MIGHT be missing? And what about his sources? Not his beloved U.N.; not the C.I.A that he tried to gut; but the New York Times!

2) Polls of the military (those who the Democrats are not trying to disenfranchise through legal shennanigans) show that somewhere between 67-80% back a Bush-Cheney re-election. I am tired of people saying that they back our troops, but easily dismiss their first hand knowledge of what is needed in a commander-in-chief.

3) Cold and rain in Eastern Washington frightens me. Hold on to the ball, boys!

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