Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Bonjour, Dear Readers

Okay, I am going to try this all again ("huh?" you say).  One of the joys of html is being prodded to swear even more than ever.  For some reason, I am having a more difficult time with this particular Google-world format than I do writing it from scratch or using a composer.  So I am now using a composer.  Aren't you just thrilled?!?!?!?!?!

Issue #1: French-Fried Candidate:  No, the Sappy Senator has not spent too much time in a tanning salon, nor has Bill Clinton snuck back into the race (although many of his hacks have).  John Kerry has now resorted to campaigning for the premiership of an independent Quebec (he can't really want to run Haiti?) by yammering in French.

Issue #2: Another Catholic not bound by his Faith:  Governor Arnold has decided to try to run for re-election by ticking of the same people in California that Kerry has found time to irritate: faithful-orthdox Roman Catholics.  We all know about his inability to be pro-life, now he comes out for Proposition 71 (stem cell research).  I would be interested in a poll of FORCs after the election focusing on their vote in the presidential election and on Prop. 71.  If they vote heavily for Bush and against 71, you may be able to stick a fork into Arnold.

Issue #3:  The Anglican's of the merry old world seem to be sticking up to the trendy liberals in the new.  It is times like these that you have to wonder if Thomas Cranmer would have behaved as he did all those years ago if he could see the state of affairs in the children of the C of E today.  The Australian version of the C of E recently came out against the ordination of homosexual bishops and the blessings of gay unions. Most people know about Nigeria's position.  Are the traditionalists winning, or is the Anglican Communion about to implode?  Only time will tell.

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