Thursday, October 28, 2004


Prayers from Planet Earth

Massachusetts: I wonder how many democrats in Massachusetts prayed that if only the Red Sox would finally win the World Series, it would be okay if Kerry were to lose next Tuesday?

I wonder how many members of the Kerry campaign have been praying the exact opposite?

Maybe the curse of the Bambino has shifted from the playing field to Kerry's political field. Afterall, it now appears that the Pentagon has surveillance photos indicating that the "missing" explosives were moved prior to the arrival of our troops, and that according to the Washington Times the Russians may have been helping their old middle east allies in the removal of those weapons. I wonder how many bananas or barrels of oil the Iraqis paid to the Russians for their help?

For those of you who still think Andrew Sullivan is an a rational and intelligent commentator, James Lileks did a wonderful job lambasting the former's endorsement of Kerry (it begins after Lilek's staff meeting comments). I think we need to pray that Sullivan returns to the correct path for his own sake.

How many terrorists will leave Iraq to wage a holy civil war in Palestine once the thug has died? I am willing to bet that some strange prayers are being sent towards the Almighty right now.

As for the atrocious Proposition 71 in California, Mel Gibson actually made an articulate case against it in his appearance on Good Morning America. A portion of it can be seen here. Given his status with the Catholic Church, I tend to avoid him, but one has to give credit where credit is due. Even if one puts ethics aside, this is an absolute waste of money. Pray that it does not pass and that Schwarsenegger has the moral courage to correct himself before the election.

Of course there is no praying going on at The Onion which is already working on the recount story.

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