Monday, October 25, 2004


Cathlolic When Convenient

Yesterday, John Kerry gave a speech in Florida to try and lessen the advantage that President Bush has on the issue of religious faith. Most news reports have about the same coverage of the events.

I have chosen to take his quotes out of order so that I can, hopefully, put them in the correct order and context for someone who should have a properly formed conscience.

1) "I don't want to claim that God is on my side, or our side. As Abraham Lincoln told us, 'I want to pray humbly that we are on God's side.' "

Comment: This would have been a good way to start, and, I would hope, that the part about being humble applies to his personal prayer as well.

2) "I love my church. I respect my bishops. But I respectfully disagree," Kerry said to a standing ovation.

Comment: Shouldn't his humility about faith and prayer extend to his personal disagreements with the the successors of the Apostles on matters of faith. Remember, the news reports that Kerry's comment is in response to those who state that he should not receive communion because of his public actions as a matter of the faith of the Church. Even Vatican Cardinals hold that politicians, like Kerry, should not receive communion so long as they publicy support the ALWAYS MORALLY WRONG practice of abortion. It would appear that Senator Kerry is suffering from an improperly formed conscience, and that he should humbly pray for help.

The fact that this line received a "standing ovation" should have given the Senator some pause. Humility does not to try to solicit crowds in support of ones disagreement with the bishops he supposedly respects.

3) "My faith, and the faith that I've seen in the lives of so many Americans, also teaches me that whatever you do to the least of these, you do unto me," he said during a rally at an auditorium in Fort Lauderdale. "That means that we have a moral obligation to one another, to the forgotten, to those who live in the shadows. This is a moral obligation that is at the heart of all, all, of our religious traditions."

Comment: And it also means what it says: "the least of these," which, in the eyes of the Church and its morally binding theology on its members includes the unborn.

Kerry is Machiavellian with nary a hint of a solid, moral, Catholic core. He cannot be trusted.

Well, perhaps he can convince Eminem to do a campaign appearance with him since Kerry seems to have more in common with the latter than he does with the orthodox shepherds of the Catholic Church.

ADDED at 2:40 p.m.: I just came across this at Natonal Review Online. It touches on Kerry's faith and religious problems from the last debate.

Christians are hilarious.

Thanks for the laughs.
yes. non-christians are just not funny; numb calculating flatliners all. god knows hitchens is a bore. and sagan . . . jeez, so to speak. compare with that hoot brit andrew sullivan -- stitches galore!

christ himself was the seinfeld of his day, y'know. it's not comedy "gold" for nothing. or maybe the latter was . . . .
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