Friday, October 15, 2004


Kerry has no moral core

I have been ranting to anyone who would listen (well, that would be my wife and her new friend, Stella) for quite some time that politicans who claim to be faithful Catholics but publicly support abortion rights simply cannot be trusted on any issue. Why? Because they have rejected their core beliefs of who they supposedly are for the benefits bestowed upon them by the political system. Faith without works is indeed dead, and alleged faith that does not prevent one from supporting and allowing bad works is no faith at all.

This is quite different from someone who sins and confesses (like myself) that he is wrong.

If Kerry were a member of a religion that had no opinion on abortion rights or was in favor of them, then this would not be an issue because the obvioius contradiction stated above simply would not exist. Even if he called himself an ex-Catholic he would be more trustworthy. So even if you like what you hear from the man from New England, be vary wary because there is no guarantee that he will stand for your issue if it appears that buy doing so he will be damaged politically. Go read "The Prince!"

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