Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Save the Enviornmentalists! (& have a Mai Tai!)

Thank the heavens that Mrs. Heinz-Kerry was on The View  yesterday. I heard a blurb of it on the radio this morning where H-K was telling us that environmentalists either were caring, wonderful, concerned and complex people or that they were out getting drunk and/or committing suicide. Unfortunately, the webmasters at ABC were so underwhelmed by this crisis, that H-K's visit only merited one line that totally ignored here inane comments. What other juicy ones did she have? Well, she encouraged undecided voters to vote for the Sappy Senator because he was "complex" and "vulnerable." OBL just loooooooooooooves vulnerable. She also takes time to lay with the swans. The only time I want to lay with the swans is when I am six feet under. We are all familiar with that terrible sound that squeeze ketchup bottles make when in use. H-K is making terrible noises every time she opens her mouth. Someone needs to screw the cap back on tightly on this bottle.

Check out the change in a former Hollywood liberal of Airplane fame: Club for Growth. 

On a lighter note, Urchin #1 is just over the age of three, and two nights ago she went from random scribbling with her crayons to drawing shapes! She made a decent triangle, a square, and an adequate heart. Last night, she began to draw people. Mommy and Daddy appear to be of Soviet design in her world as we all look like Sputnik. 

Matt Damon, an avid Kerry supporter, seems to have gotten a bit confused. Whereas his candidate is trying to appeal to all types of ethnic conclaves in actual states in America, Damon seems to think that the best way to convince German-Americans is to campaign in Germany.  As for me, I have always preferred the real Damon's!  Quickly, to the Mai Tais!

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my comments is: people aren't wearing enough hats . . . .
Yes, the Monty Python opinion is generally correct... but I WORE a hat today!
Oh, and I had a Mai Tai with dinner!
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