Thursday, February 10, 2005


W's Mistake Revisited

A couple of weeks ago, I posted on the illegal immigration problem facing the United States. Part of that post dealt with the matricula consular cards issued by the Mexican (and other) governments to "proove" residence in the United States.

On Tuesday, Los Angles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich revealed how these cards can be cheaply and fraudulently obtained. Fellow supervisor, Gloria Molina, attacked Antonovich.

Officials, according to the Daily News, state that "447,980 Mexican nationals in the county and 2.2 million nationwide possess the consular cards. They are recognized as valid forms of identification by 377 cities, 163 counties, 178 financial institutions and 1,180 police departments."

It is very apparent that the many people in both the public and private sector no longer care about the integrity of our borders, our sovereignty, or the integrity of our laws. If Congress and the President really cared about our protection, they would act to eradicate this problem. Unlike Senator Joseph McCarthy's fictional list, we have a real list of real people to go confront.

The Border scare is real.

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