Monday, January 24, 2005


W's Mistake

Four score and eight years ago, Teddy Roosevelt said," We must have but one flag. We must also have but one language. That must be the language of the Declaration of Independence, of Washington's Farewell address, of Lincoln's Gettysburg speech and second inaugural." Last week George W. Bush took the oath of office for the second time, swearing an oath upon the Bible that he would defend the United States of America and the Constitution. His workers' amnesty program runs contrary to that oath.

Professor Samuel Huntington of Harvard wrote the following in his recent book Who Are We?: "(i)f each year a million Mexican soldiers attempted to invade the United States and more than 150,000 of them succeeded, established themselves on American territory, and the Mexican government then demanded that the United States recognize the legality of this invasion, Americans would be outraged and would mobilize whatever resources were necessary to expel the invaders and to establish the integrity of their borders. Yet an illegal demographic invasion of comparable dimensions occurs each year, and the president of Mexico (Vicente Fox) argues that it should be legalized...

Immediately after his election, Vicente Fox announced his long-term goal of an open border with the free movement of people between Mexico and the United States. As president, he supported legal staus for the several million Mexicans who have entered the United States illegaly... (He) described himself as president of 123 million Mexicans, 100 million in Mexico and 23 million in the United States, a figure that includes Mexican-Americans not born in Mexico. (emphasis added)

(After September 11 the) Mexican government responded (to the United States' lack of normalizing illegals within its borders) by promoting its own form of legalization: the issuance by its consulates of registration cards, the matricula consular, certifying that the bearer was a resident of the United States. Some 1.1 million of these were issued in 2002. Simultaneously Mexican agencies launched a major campaign to get general acceptance of these cards. By August of 2003, they had succeeded with 'more than 100 cities, 900 police departments, 100 financial institutions, and with thirteen states.'"

Professor Huntington continues: "Legal Mexican immigrants have no need for a matricula consular. Possiesion of such a card, consequently, is presumptive evidence that the bearer is in the United States illegally... A foreign government, in effect, determines who is an American. The success of the Mexican matricula consular promtped Guatemala to start issuing them in 2002, and other homeland governments have been rushing to follow."

The danger of a porous border was seen again this past Sunday in a front page story by the Los Angeles Times entitled "Borders, Priorites Blur Along the 'Wild Frontier'" by David Kelly. Mr. Kelly writes, "(f)rustrated by security crackdowns in Arizona, thousands of illegal immigrants and drug traffickers are flooding once-quiet New Mexico... Mexican crime syndicates using two-way radios and sophisticated cellphones have American law enforcement under surveillance" so that they may be more effective in transporting illegal drugs and immigrants across the border. "Armed confrontrations are increasing." "Border agents say they have run into heavily armed Mexican soldiers inside the U.S.... some officials here think elements of the Mexican military are involved in drug smuggling... Locals can earn $1,500 to $3,000 transporting 100 pounds of marijuana to Phoenix, or $1,500 to smuggle an immigrant..."

President Bush, you are dangerously wrong on this issue.

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