Saturday, November 01, 2008



So many radio talkers encourage us to give money.  Now I realize that my latest donations, above the $250 amount have not been posted yet, but will be.

But if you have a job where you advocate that you donate to candidates and positions.... well, shouldn't you pony up as well on a CONTINUOUS basis?

Hugh Hewitt - better than most, but...

Dennis Prager - maybe I typed his name in wrong, but...

Michael Medved - played with the spelling, but found no donations.

Rush Limbaugh - how pathetic is this?

Sean Hannity - Yikes!

Ann Coulter - Shut up and Donate!

... and mine - only "big" ones are listed and there are a few that haven't been posted yet so forgive ME (there are a few more) and those ABOVE to a certain degree.

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