Monday, November 17, 2008


How to Get Same-Sex Marriage in California

With the protests and over-the-top silliness being demonstrated by some on the "No on 8" side, here is an actual political battle plan that will win (not that I am for it, and I will continue to oppose it, but my logical side cannot resist):

1) Start by embracing the democratic political process.  There is no reason that your side cannot propose a counter amendment when the time is right;

2) Petition your Democrat allies in the state assembly and senate as well as the sympathetic to your issue governor for civil unions that mirror all rights currently granted to married couples save the term of "married";

3) Wait.  Once more and more civil unions are granted, people of all stripes will begin to become more comfortable with the idea as well come to know more and more "civil-union" couples.  Additionally, the first non-constitutional law on this issue of just a few years ago passed with over 60% of the vote. "Yes on 8" passed with only 52%.  Opinion is running in your favor;

4) Target a non-presidential election year and especially avoid 2012.  One of the reasons you lost was that Obama pulled many more traditional values African-Americans to the polls who overwhelmingly voted against you.  I'd suggest 2014 at the earliest (2018 would probably be better);

5) Finally, SHUT UP!  You are doing yourselves and your cause no favor by acting like my 18 month old daughter: "I want what I want when I want it!"  attitude and screaming is not a sign of maturity, and, after all, wouldn't you agree that only mature people should be married?

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