Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Irresponsible Cult Leader

Dear Leader is a jackass. I wonder how many high school kids will skip school and not do a damn thing for Senator Socialist? If an employee pulls this on you as a boss, you should dock them a day's pay.


Hi, Matt.

Love your blog. As a teacher and activist of sorts, you might be interested in sharing these links with young people you know either in your school or through online associations and groups in the few days before the election.

Just so you know, I found your blog through a random search. :-)


Visually strong ad that associates Obama to not just socialism, but the Marxist propoganda posters of the Soviet Union (Obama's choice) in a way young people will understand:


Here's a blog dedicated to informing the young voters of America.


Good luck, God Bless.... and pray that our side wins on November 4th.

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