Friday, September 12, 2008


Obama the Pig Farmer

Obama's ego is soooooooo big that he still doesn't get it about the pig and lipstick remark.  The crowd thought he was talking about Palin based on their reaction: much laughter at, if it was merely a descriptive line about policy, would NOT have been so "funny."  If he was really in tune with his audience, as Dennis Prager has pointed out, he would have immediately recognized is unintended faux pas and corrected the audience.  He did not.

So, is he clueless or did he really mean to attack Governor Palin?  Only Obama and God know.

What makes me think it might be a little bit of both was his outrageous defense of his remark on the Letterman show on Wednesday night, because he still reduces her to her makeup.  Hillary Clinton was right in the primaries: Obama and his campaign is sexist.

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