Saturday, August 30, 2008


Upon Review...

I just finished watching the USC-Va game on my DVR which allowed me to rewatch many plays. I knew the outcome prior to watching.

I am still very worried!

On run plays, the offensive line still plays WAY too high.  The backups, who we saw after Sanchez was BELATED pulled were even worse.

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY was the fact that Sanchez only had two chances to throw down field. One was on a scramble late for a TD; the other looked ugly.

Sark did NOT allow Sanchez to lead receivers.  I will guess that it is because the WRs are "new."  But Sanchez SUCKED last year in his three starts leading receivers.  I applaud the game plan.  I want to smack the ABC announcers who have crowned Sanchez as the savior.

Why?  VA's defense did the right thing, but they do not have the talent that Cal and Oregon have.

I haven't even touched on the crappy D calls after USC had put 21 on the board.

USC has SUPER TALENT in general... I am still worried about the Lackeys that Pete calls coaches (especially his son).


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