Thursday, January 24, 2008


My Vote

The title of this post is a link to the CA SOS office and the official voter's guide for the Feb. election.

I voted absentee yesterday:

President - Mitt Romney
With Thompson out, Mitt is the best conservative alternative. Is he perfect? No, but let's face it, the only other person who has a shot at beating the Dems is Rudy, and his campaign maybe dead after Florida. McCain needs to be beaten.

Prop 91
Yes - stop redirecting infrastructure money for the roads.

Prop 92
No - poorly written. On top of that, we need to have a serious discussion on the role of Community Colleges. They should be Colleges, not grades 13 and 14 with silly community driven classes (the old basket weaving joke) added. Vocational education could be accommodated as a branch of CCs while the other branches actually have college rigor.

Prop 93
Yes - this will allow current legislators to extend their time in office. That is a good thing. In fact, term limits should be abolished completely. The current system has allowed lobbyists and staffers to become even more powerful. They are unelected, and their newly found power is undemocratic. The focus should be on reasonably created districts and not term limits.

Props 94 - 97
No - poorly written; non-gaming tribes could see significant reductions in funds received. I could care less about expansions, but I have no interest in awarding tribes who got lucky because Eisenhower created an interstate system. Rewrite and resubmit.

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