Wednesday, August 08, 2007


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Barry Bonds should get into the Hall of Fame about 20+ years after Pete Rose.

Why is it that the only people in the Church who are concerned that the return of the Mass in Latin will be divisive are the liberals who have been shoving divisive "innovations" down our throats for the last 30 years or so?

It has been unseasonably cool the last couple of days. Darn that global cooling!

Should we call China's bluff? It is threatening to tank the dollar by dumping their holdings of dollars (in various forms) that might cause a recession in the United States. The threat is a result of our demand for a fair revaluation of the yuan. But the elephant in the room is that if the Chinese put us into a recession, they will lose money since we are their number one buyer of Chinese goods. Perhaps we could offset part of any recession by increasing military sales to Taiwann and allowing Japan to have a full fledged army assuming they purchase their equipment from us.

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