Friday, April 06, 2007


Will They Still Come?

In yesterday's Los Angeles Times, Shannon O'Neil (a political science professor at Columbia) wrote that the United States will have a major employment problem in the future because of the changing demographics in Mexico. Mexicans are no longer having large families; rather, they are now having children at a rate just above the replacement rate.

Interesting, but written in the dark. In yesterday's Wall Street Journal, David Luhnow reports that Mexico's oil production is dropping in a rather alarming manner due to the fact that Mexico is simply running out of oil. Given the fact that the revenue from oil is the number one source of income for Mexico, the country will need to find other sources of income or increase there current sources. According to a recent video on migration and geography that I showed in my class, (available at the money sent back to Mexico from migrants is the fourth largest source of revenue for Mexico behind oil, tourism and agriculture.

It appears that the best possibility for an increase in revenue for Mexico is to increase funds coming back from migrant workers in the United States.

We shall find the answer in the future.

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