Tuesday, March 06, 2007


FS Bob on the Republican Presidential Candidates

It appears that one of my readers cannot post replies anymore. Anyway, here it is (via e-mail):

I too support Romney, but I am also a pragmatist.  I want a Republican in office.  Therefore I support the Republican candidate.  If, however, McCain is the nominee, this would create a serious concern that the process has gone seriously wrong.  Regardless of what liberals believe or profess to believe, there is a serious fight between good and evil for which many in this country do not have to sacrifice.  As a result, this country borders on the free love experiment of the '60's.  Back then though the military was supported by a draft.
Romney presents an interesting case of someone who won the governship in a definite blue state.  Despite being surrounded by the left, he was able to reform the government and left it in better shape than when he started.  I believe he can do it again with the Fed.  I am also a strong supported of Guiliani.  He is a case of not getting everything you want, but you still get a lot of good things.
FS Bob


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