Thursday, December 21, 2006


Still Liberal After All Those Subscription Cancellations

As the circulation numbers for the Los Angeles Times continue to drop, the clueless new "leadership" group at the Times continues its liberal drive. Today's lead story on Bush's press conference of yesterday focused on Bush's admitting that it has been a "tough year" in Iraq. Additionally, the tone of the story is one that liberals have been hammering away over the last couple of years: failure.

A conservative, or, at least, pro-American, paper would have focused on something that the Times buried near the end of the story. The President stated,"This war on terror is the calling of a new generation; it is the calling of our generation…"

It is the calling of our generation. There is a new Navy slogan that puts it a different way - Life, Liberty and the pursuit of all who threaten it.

The Times can thank the First Amendment of its protection from the Navy. But, those of who know better cancelled our subscriptions long ago. If you haven't done so, please call and cancel today.

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